5 Areas Of Change For Planetary Evolution

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

There is an exchange in information and action that is happening on an unprecedented scale currently. We have the emergence of technology that allows an instantaneous exchange of ideas. As of this moment there are literally 12 year old on social media with millions of followers who will like, comment and share any and everything that they post. This exchange has redirected conversations, shifted consciousness and opened pandora’s box, when it comes to ideas.

There is a strange paradox which exists within this- more people with beautiful messages who would have always been ignored by the old media paradigm are now sharing their message, while the simultaneous (and I would argue darker) ideas of consumerism, vanity and even worse are also being perpetuated.

With all this opening and expansion many ideas that are accepted as normal from the old society are being reframed and restructured, people are questioning the medical, criminal and financial establishments, while also thinking up new alternatives.

I am sure there are many pillars we could use to create a balanced society, and many would become apparent as the first pillars are built, but here are 5 that most people would agree upon.


I will start with that which many will find the most controversial, but I believe to be fundamental for the development of society- ranging from children to adults.

Sexuality is something that many otherwise sane people seem to lose all composure over. An alarming amount of childrens first encounter with sexuality is through abuse and many teens are given a talk about disease and pregnancy prior to being told about the beauty of sex by their parents. Stories of a stalk bringing babies are used to avoid discussing sex with our children and so many are lost in what it means.

The confusion does not end with our children, but becomes apparent in adulthood, with many seeking sex or sexual acts- often to the detriment of those they love. Sex and equilibrium are not 2 words that often go together, but there needs to be a level of balance that is brought to the creation energy that is sex.

Sexual depravity is clearly a driving force for much of the way this world operate- this is apparent with the abundance of pornography which is often violent and abusive in nature. The amount of sexual abuse being reported from hollywood, government and many homes across the globe. Also how exploited men and women are to sell goods and merchandise.

Bodies are supposed to be respected and worshiped, not dominated and abused- and a society that starts to talk about sex and understand it for the beautiful, creative expression it is- is one that needs to be healthily explored.


Education is the quickest route to a balanced and fair society. Much of the current education is geared towards keeping the current system ticking. We spend 12+ years in education- if this was aimed towards the building of people to be loving, kind and compassionate, there would be a completely different outcome than the square boxes the old system produces.

We can literally change the collective consciousness by nurturing children to be happy. The truth is we are all creators, just on different levels and with different interests. If we keep offering square boxes with the option to tick a, b, c or d- we will keep producing limited children. It is about time we nurtured children to be better than we could ever be and encouraging them to do the same for the next generation.


Music is a fundamental pillar of an empowered society, this links in with sexuality in a big way. Looking at the chart songs (mainly consumed by teenagers at the height of sexual emergence) they for the most part tell the same story. Vengeful women, trying to get back at a man or a man singing about being sexualy exploitative of women. It is scary how many chart songs follow this simple formula. It is exploitative of children just starting to feel their labidos working and when you tie this in with the lack of understanding many parent have of sexuality, it is a recipe for disaster.

There are many empowering artists talking about important topics and sharing a very valid message about love and connection- these songs are so beautiful and would be received with open arms, but go so far against the current narrative that if enough people heard them they would cause mayhem (for the current system). Look back to the 60s 70s and 80s- the Beatles, Bob Marley and many other artists have been at the forefront of uprising, this has been witnessed in the past and with the current music it feels like this type of thing is now being avoided.


Media is in the process of an upgrade and sites like ours are working towards a new way of sharing media. The old media is outdated, mainly consumed by the older generations and speaks from a very negative narrative. It is all about politics, war and generally leaves the viewers feeling like there is no hope. New media works with informing and solutions, leading to a logical next step. This is a very different way of doing things, but is crucial if we actually want things to change and our planet to become more balanced and healthy.

That which we demand is that which will be supplied, if we consume based upon this idea then the old will fall and the new will rise. News can be very addictive, but to break that addiction in pursuit of something better is vital, as when you conquer addiction you will see that all that matters is love and connection.


I use the word healing here, as we have tried symptom management and that seems to be working really badly. People are being kept alive, without quality of life and that is not the only way.

There are many other healing modalities using plants, physical movement  and lifestyle changes. These for the most part have gone unstudied as there is no financial incentive to explore their potential benefits.

Currently we need healing collectively as a society and individually. Perhaps less so if we had good education, empowering social lives and things that helped us to flourish, however, there will always be a want/need for humans and the planet to expand and grow, and if the incentive for this was not entirely based upon profitability and covered in red tape then we could see some incredible advances in a small amount of time.

There are other areas- legal and financial spring to mind, however, it could be argued that they are not needed if we strike the perfect balance and build the utopia that we are fully equipped to do with the resources at hand. Any input on ideas like these are welcome, so please feel free to send me an email should you have any to lukemiller@truththeory.com and please share this article!

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