Are We Being Visited By Alien Civilisations? The Evidence Is Overwhelming

By Mike Sygula,
“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

– Ben Rich – former director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works, the company that has produced some of the most advanced technologies and aircrafts in history, during 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA.

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These days whenever we mention the word “Alien” or “UFO” we can see the smile on people’s faces. The topic evokes imagery of “little green men,” and something comical from an old sci-fi movie. The mainstream media avoids the topic, perhaps as it would “undermine their credibility”.

But why do people find such a serious topic so laughable? Currently 84% of the world population claims to have religious beliefs or identifies with religious groups of some kind, and 73% of Americans believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. Yep, for real!
Most people believe in things that have no tangible evidence and can’t be proven, but still find it hard to believe that there might be other intelligent life forms in the universe, or that they are visiting us. No way! Out of 100 billion galaxies — in the VISIBLE universe — with our own, only having 300 billion stars there is NO WAY there can be little green men hiding somewhere, NO WAY (laugh).

On top of that, our senses only allow us to perceive a tiny fraction of reality, and there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that there is a lot more going on outside of our perception (Dark Matter, Dark Energy) than what we are consciously aware of. In other words, it makes it VERY PLAUSIBLE that we are not alone and that we are most likely being visited on a regular basis. In fact, at least these claims are backed by some evidence, unlike in the case of Jesus being born from a virgin (please note that I have my own spiritual beliefs and don’t mean to condemn any particular belief system, just trying to show the irony).

Social Conditioning
The reason why most people find it so comical is because of social conditioning; It is embedded deeply in society’s collective psyche through the comedic portrayal of ETs in movies, either sci-fi or comedies. This is why, when anyone mentions the word UFO or ET, we straight away recall our associations with “little green men from Mars” type of characters. It is important to understand how social conditioning works. Our beliefs and views are shaped by our culture. The conditioning and programming can be so strong that our reaction is mechanistic and almost unconscious. Moreover, something that is totally acceptable and “normal” in one group can be bizarre in another.
Kayan woman with neck rings

For example, in some cultures in Asia and Africa, many women wear neck rings, that from a very early age gradually stretch their necks. In those cultures, it is a status of wealth and prosperity. In western culture, it can be something outrageous and bizarre. All is a matter of perception and cultural conditioning. Repetition of patterns and messages program our minds and creates a belief.

So What Is The Evidence?
The Disclosure project could be a good place to start, they provide the accounts of over 500 top governmental, military officials and intelligence community specialists talking about their encounters with ETs and UFOs. People like Paul Hellyer, former Defence Minister of Canada claims that world leaders are hiding the truth about alien contact.

Former astronauts like Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth person to walk on the moon, provided testimony about alien contact, one of which mentions that UFOs were being seen above atomic weapon facilities. The same claim has been confirmed by countless other military officials. For more accounts of astronauts check here.

Why Have They Never Landed In Front Of The White House?
We often hear something along these lines. They appeared countless times in very known places. The Phoenix Lights incident from 1997 is the perfect example, thousands of people watched a UFO over a period of several minutes and thousands of other reports came from all over Arizona.


Jerusalem UFO
Some very interesting footage recorded from two different sources is the incident that took place in Jerusalem. A large ball of light descended above the buildings and quickly fired up with incredible speed.

The Arecibo Message Answered?
In 1974, Carl Sagan along with a few other scientists, broadcasted a radio message into space using the Arecibo radio telescope composed of binary digits. It contained information about our position in the solar system and basic information about humanity.  In 2001, the “answer” appeared as a crop circle overnight, next to the largest telescope in the UK. Even mainstream media paid some attention. Apparently, the formation “answering” Arecibo message was formed 3 days after the 3d face that appeared earlier.

Sceptics believe that all crop circles are hoaxes made by a bunch of guys with sticks and ropes. However, there are a lot of sophisticated patterns that would require advanced techniques, large amounts of time, and aircrafts where they could be seen from. There are many accounts that the crop circles would appear in a matter of minutes, and some footage of balls of light forming them. There is also footage of a helicopter chasing one orb (check it here). In addition, incidences of electromagnetic interference around the area of the crop circles are consistently reported.


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Norwegian Spiral Mystery
In December 2009, a mysterious spiral appeared above the Norwegian sky, it was witnessed by countless viewers from both Norway and Sweden. Dozens of videos were later uploaded to the web and the event lasted roughly 10 minutes. This is a genuine mystery, as there are no conventional explanations for it. The Russian government mentioned testing a rocket in that region (which was first denied by them) however, that does not seem like a plausible explanation at all. Was it some kind of cosmic portal? No one really knows.

UFOs In Art And Ancient History
Countless images, drawings, paintings, artwork, artifacts, and descriptions in scriptures, and writings throughout history describe UFOs and extraterrestrials (or something that we can conclude to be ETs or UFOs)

“The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio. On the right, behind Madonna, we can see a figure looking into the sky and observing something that appears to be some kind of UFO.


Another interesting painting from 1350AD  — “The Crucifixion” portrays two spacecraft like objects behind Jesus, in both we can see people.


Peruvian Nazca Lines

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Líneas de Nazca Nazca Perú 2015 07 29 DD 54Large ancient geoglyphs showing around 300 different geometric figures and 70 animal and plant formations covering almost 1,000 sq. kilometers can only be seen from the sky. They are believed to be formed between 200BC and 500AD. There is no good hypothesis explaining their formation. However, taking into the account that they can only be observed from the sky, they had to be created for someone who could see them from high above and that would imply some kind of flying capability.


Sumerian Cylinder Seals
I don’t want to go into all the details about the whole ancient astronaut theory as this is a large topic and I can’t really squeeze it into a small article. However, I just want to mention one example of ancient Sumerian artwork that is a few thousand years old. We can clearly see some kind of “flying craft” with 3 figures sitting in it. On the ground, we have 2 other figures that are pointing their arms or limbs towards the “craft”. Other tablets show things like planets orbiting the sun, something that was only understood much later in history.


Do Governments Hide The Information About ETs?
Without a doubt. Obama once explained in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, when asked about UFOs and Area 51, “I can’t reveal anything”. When the host said that Bill Clinton claimed that there is “nothing there” Obama said, “you know, that’s what we are instructed to say”.

Former president of Russia also responded to questions about ET contact: “So, I’m telling you for the first and the last time. Together with a briefcase containing nuclear codes, a special folder is delivered to the president of the country. On it is written ‘Completely Secret’ (Top Secret). And it is entirely and wholly devoted to the visitors who came to our planet. Simultaneously, a report is given by an absolutely closed (secret) special service, which deals with the control of aliens on the territory of our country. So, these two folders are given, along with the nuclear briefcase. After the conclusion of the term, of course, these folders are given to the new president.” Here is the interview.

We all know the story of the Roswell incident in 1947, where the US Air Force issued a press release that a “flying disk” had been recovered near Roswell, quickly changing the story to a weather balloon soon after. Anyone can notice the difference between the two. If, for example, there were UFO crashes, there is no interest whatsoever for any government to release such info. It is much more beneficial for a government to quickly confiscate the craft and examine the technology without informing other nations. Imagine that there is a crash of a UFO onto US soil, do you think that they would just announce it to everyone? Surely many other nations would like to get involved in examining it. Better to keep the knowledge and technology hidden and benefit from it.

Another reason why there is no point for governments to release any info is that a lot of people would lose their minds. We know what happened in 1938 when around 6 million Americans listened to the “War of the Worlds,” a radio show that described an alien invasion from Mars. Around 1.7mln people took it seriously, it caused suicidal fears and mass chaos. Some people took their guns to the streets and started shooting. Some sources claim that the whole event was an experiment to assess the reaction of the public to unexpected emergencies and this was later published in the book: “The Invasion from Mars: A study in the psychology of panic”.

What would happen to our religious beliefs if we would suddenly found out that there are many types of ET groups and none of them are mentioned in our religious scriptures?
Perhaps the same way as electric car production was never accelerated due to the influence of the oil industry, the same could be the reason to not release the technologies the ETs use. Imagine if we would understand how to travel large distances fast and generate free or almost free energy. Many industries would go bust, many highly influential people wouldn’t be happy about it.

The amount of evidence pointing towards alien visitation is overwhelming, whether it be today or earlier in history. I just offered a tiny glimpse here, as I cannot cover more in a single article. We have to understand, this topic is not promoted through mainstream media, due to social conditioning. Thousands of videos and accounts of high profile witnesses are enough to start taking this matter more seriously. One aspect I have not covered here is alien abductions, there are also some documentaries on alien implants that have been removed from abductees, you can check one of them here.

Let’s keep an open mind and always do our own research. If you think this article has important info, please share it with others.


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