46 Non-Material Things Everyone Can Be Grateful For

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by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Each and every one of us is blessed in one way or another, we may not always have exactly what it is that we want in this very moment, but we can always find something to be grateful for.

It is easy to overlook the small things like the air you breathe or the sights you see. But when you start to put your attention into these smaller things you start to realise how lucky you really are.

Life is all about perception and while some people may view things through a negative lens, the person who manages to wrap their head around changing their perspective over changing their life will be the one who finds the most fulfilment.

You can look at a long walk as “really far and tiresome” or as “great exercise and scenic”

You can look at a long wait as “a waste of time” or as “a chance to reflect”

You can look at a job loss as “an lost opportunity” or as “a chance to explore a new opportunity”

It really all comes down to how you view the world! Here are 46 non material things that we can all be grateful for-

The air that you breathe-

Without air within just a few minutes human life would be wiped out, this is the most important and one of the most underappreciated things that we have.

The water you drink-

Next to air water is the most important thing we have and most of the western world is lucky enough to have access to it. It also keeps you clean and if it doesn’t might be time to take a bath 😉

The food that you eat-

Food not only sustains life, but also allows us some time to gather and connect with our loved ones.

The sleep you get-

Sleep allows you to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries after a long day.

Your dreams-

When you sleep you also get a chance to connect with the dream world, many cultures believe this to be a connection to the spiritual world.

Your thoughts-

Your thoughts give you a chance to process the world around you and formulate opinions. Your thoughts are also the only thing that is totally exclusive to you and are only shared with those who you choose.

Your taste-

Without taste you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favourite food or drinks

Your sight-

Your sight allows you to take in the world around you, watch your favourite movies and read this text.

Your hearing-

Your hearing allows you to listen to your favourite music and hear the laughter of your children.

Your health-

Even if you are not in the greatest of health, you are still here and have some working parts.

Your shelter-

You have a roof over your head which keeps you warm at night, this is a blessing.

You friends-

Your friends laugh with you, cry with you and everything in-between.

Your family-

Your family have been with you from the start; you have grown and learnt a lot from one another, even if you have gone in different directions.

Your interests-

Your interests are your own, they  make up your personality and you have total choice over what it is that you like.

Love and connection-

To love and to be loved is all that really matters, and you do love and are loved by others. Even if you don’t know it.

Your opportunities-

We live in the most opportunity rich period ever and you are here with all these choices!

Your freedom-

You are free to go where you like, hang out with who you like and fulfil the dreams you have.


Chances are you are not more than a few hundred metres from some kind of nature, enjoy it!


Google now gives us access to the biggest library of information ever, you literally have access to knowledge that people could only dream about 10 years ago.


You can educate yourself from home, from the library or from a local collage. Literally anything you want to know you can if you apply yourself.

Your feelings-

No matter if you are up or down or anywhere in between, you still have the ability to feel.

The weather-

There is no good or bad weather, just different weather for different occasions. Without every season we would not be here!

Your role models-

No matter where they come from we always have people we look up to, who can set a great example for us.


Everything in the world from the screen you are looking at right now, all the way up to the aeroplanes in the sky where born in the imagination.

Your mentors-

These people have led you in the right direction and shown you what it means to be a good person.


Music can evoke any emotional state and has the ability to change your mind set in an instant.


The good, the bad and everything in between have all led you to this very moment you are living in right now.

Acts of kindness-

You have the ability in this very moment to go and do something nice for someone! What are you waiting for?!?!


You have 24 hours in the day like everyone else; you can spend them hours as you please!


You can jump on a train, plane or in the car and visit anywhere in the world to view the sites!


Beauty is everywhere, so make sure you take the time to appreciate it.


There is no better feeling than a full, hard, hearty laugh that you cannot control. When was the last time you had one of them?

This moment-

This moment is the only moment that exists, take some time out to appreciate it.

Day time-

The sun coming up and shining on your skin promotes a wakeful state and gets you ready for the day ahead.

Night time-

As the sun goes down and night time comes you can get into a nice relax state ready for sleep.


We all have the ability to heal, even from the worse mental, emotional and physical problems.


Without challenge it would be hard to appreciate the good times!

The ability to choose-

You have the ability to choose what you do with your time, reading this article, smiling, picking yourself up when it feels like all is lost are all great decisions you are making 🙂

Second chances-

You may not get a second go at everything you do, but you will always have a second chance at life. No matter how hard it gets, you will always have a chance to come back stronger!

Spiritual choice-

You can be spiritual, religious, atheist or agnostic. However you chose to express your beliefs are up to you!  But you have the choice!

Your bed to sleep in-

You get to snuggle up every night in your cosy little bed!

Your positive emotions-

Positive emotions help to uplift you and motivate you through your life.

Your negative emotions-

Negative emotions help you to pause, think and reflect.

Fire to keep you warm-

Sunshine, your central heating, your oven and hot water are all born from fire. Fire will keep you warm in the winter and keep hot food in your belly, you have got to love the fire!

The Earth-

The earth and all of its life gives us the ability to breathe, without this complex eco system we would not be here.


It is great to see how diverse and different we all are, you can learn so many things from all the different lifestyles and cultures that surround us.

What you can do to make this stuff work for you is to take out a few minutes a day to express what you are grateful for. It works well if you already have a morning routine and you add this onto it.

One thing we all have in common (or at least I hope we do) is the brushing of our teeth- So after you brush your teeth in the morning, take out a few minutes to express gratitude for what you have in your life, after a few weeks you will start to notice all the good things that you have going on.

Thanks for reading, I wanted this to be a big list with things that some people maybe miss, but if you have anything you think I should add, put it in the comments section below!

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