35 Woodstock Images That Will Take You Back To 1969

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In the summer of 1969 Woodstock set the world alight when over 400,000 plus people turned up in the northwest of New York city for the largest festival in history.

During the event 32 acts performed in front of the momentous audience and it was regarded as a pivotal moment in history. Much of the acts shared an anti-war message in protest of the Vietnam war, and despite the high attendance there were no reports of violence.

Around 186,000 tickets were sold before the event and the organizers were expecting approximately 200,000 people would turn up, however this was surpassed by double and eventually the organizers decided to make it a free festival.

This resulted in near bankruptcy for the organizer, but in the end, this was eventually made up many times over with the footage they owned and later films which were produced.

Woodstock was truly a moment in history in which resulted in 3 days of peace & music, eighty lawsuits and even a baby being reportedly born. Here are 35 images from the momentous occasion.  

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