3 More Things I Want To Do Before I Die


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

I am 2 days away from going into a silent 10 day meditation retreat called Vipassana and it got me thinking about life and some of the things that have taken place personally in just the last few years. It also gave me a moment to look forward to all the potential opportunities that still await in the future.

I am 31 years old, and unless a disaster happens I have at worse 30 years left and if I am lucky and eat lots of avocados and coconut oil I could be a third (or less) of the way through my life. This means there is the potential for plenty more experience and learning.

So far I have managed to have a boxing match, a baby (who is no longer a baby) and a conversation (or 2) with god. I lived in the jungle for a 28 days, took psychedelics 40 times in 13 months and ran a half marathon (not on psychedelics).

I sat in a hut in the Amazonian rainforest with a Peruvian shaman on the visionary brew Ayahuasca, trekked 90 kilometers topping 2 mountains over a few days (ending with the beautiful Machu Picchu mountain) and spent 45 days having ice cold showers.

I choose to go 50 days without having any sex or masturbation, then later had sex 50 times in 2 weeks and one day (well one and a bit) I spent 26 hours in complete darkness.

Most of this happened in the last few years and the reason I am sharing it is because while some of this may seem strange to others, they are things I wanted to do and really helped me to know myself and grow. We often feel bound to our artificial world and get trapped by things like work, money and high rent. But it is our birthright to feel and experience what life has to offer and while for me personally the last 5 months has been pretty eventless compared to the year prior to that, there is plenty more adventure to be had.

Some of the things I am still looking forward to doing:

49 Day Fast In An Ashram

Something I have been drawn to in recent times is fasting. Mainly due to the fact that within all religious text there is reference to fasting being something that induces mystical experiences. There is much debate about both the potential benefits and downfalls of fasting, however, I know many people who have taken part in extended fasts and had great results.

I personally like the idea of taking time out to fast in an ashram, with an ayurvedic doctor who can provide the right herbal teas to help aid with detoxification of specific organs. I see 49 as a symbolic number, as 7 is the number of cycles and 49 is 7×7 (I am a numerologist) this is why I see a 49 day fast on the horizon soon.  

200 Hours Of Yoga In 50 Days In India

I think it is important to have a spiritual practice, a mental practice and a physical practice and Yoga covers all 3. It is beneficial on so many levels, but I see it as a way to really push the boundaries of what a human being is capable of. To do 200 hours in 50 days, would mean I would need to do 4 hours a day and feel this is enough to really push me.  

The 2 types of Yoga that appeal are Ashtanga and Kundalini, not sure if there is some kind of merge with the different types, but truth be told- if I can find a good teacher I will let them lead no matter what they teach. This could very well be something that overlaps with the 49 day fast, but I see Yoga as something that I would love to delve into.

Huichol Tribe Mexico

In November 2016 I had a crazy visionary experience during an ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon rainforest. 2 things happened as a result of this 1- I learned to interpret numbers as a language overnight, what people call numerology. 2- When I asked ayahuasca what this vision was, I saw the word Huichol, which I later learned was a Tribe from Mexico. Needless to say I would like to go and visit this tribe at some point to find out what all this means.

My limited knowledge is the Huichol or Wixáritari are indigenous people from the Sierra Madre mountains living in Mexico. Every year the Huichol people take part in rituals such as singing, weeping, and connecting with ancestor spirits. This includes a pilgrimage to multiple sacred sites in which they collect the psychedelic cactus peyote and then journey with this medicine.

There are many other dreams, goals and ambitions I have for the next few years which include writing and publishing my first book and visiting the sacred sites in Egypt (although I do not think this will happen for a while for me). But the above are the next few I see manifesting.

Thanks for reading, this article has been great for some goal setting and reflection. Remember that everything we do was once a thought and only by the full entertainment and enactment of a thought can it ever become a reality. Much love, Luke

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