After 29 Years Alone On A Deserted Island Adventurer, Mauro Morandi Finds Instagram

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79 year old Mauro Morandi has spent the last 29 years on a deserted island taking photos, now the local government has installed wifi and he has taken to Instagram to share his pictures.

Morandi lives on the beautiful island of Budelli, which resides in Italy’s Maddalena archipelago. He’s has been here since 1989, when he ditched society in search of something new.

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In an interview with CNN Morandi said “I was always a rebellious child, I think I ran away from home, the first time, aged nine.” he continued “I was a protester in ’68. Then I stopped engaging in politics because I realized I was not made for armed conflict, I hate weapons,”

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Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

Mauro made his stance on society clear saying “I started thinking about leaving a society that does not take the individual into account, but thinks only of power and money.”

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Mauro spent the first few years feeling antisocial saying “The first few years I was very standoffish,” he continued “I did not want to communicate with anyone who came to see the pink beach, and I enjoyed all this beauty alone.”

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Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

After a few years of lost hope in humanity Morandi opened up.

“I felt a bit selfish and I wanted to share with the whole world what I consider one of the great beauties of nature,” he says. “Because I think like Dostoevsky that only beauty can save this world from man-made destruction.”

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Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

So after years of seclusion he decided to  start giving tours to locals and open up his space for more to see. The local authorities recently installed Wi-Fi for day trippers, and Mauro has discovered a platform in which he can share his photography.

“I just get up in front of the sea to take pictures of the sunrise, have breakfast, I feed the two cats and then the hen,” he says. “Then I start working on the tablet to process photos, comment and answer questions, given that I have 5,000 Facebook friends.”

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Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

Now Mauro has become somewhat of a local celebrity, and in the summer months he is busy with tourists. “In the summer, the days are exclusively dedicated to communicating with tourists, who now come more than anything else to meet the ‘madman’ who lives alone on an island,” he says.

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Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

Although the winter months are a lot more quiet, Morandi claims he also enjoys these stretches of solitude. “I’ve never felt loneliness, because I’m fine by myself,”

Morandi has said that ideally he will spend the rest of his life on the Island. You can follow his journey on Instagram here. Please share this article.

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