24 Powerful Images Portray The Lonely Process Of A Spiritual Awakening

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The process of spiritual awakening is often depicted as smiles and rainbows scattered with organic juice and yoga classes. It has often been portrayed as 100% positivity and the renunciation of all darkness- the truth can often be very far from this perception.

When we open up spiritually, it can start off smiley and euphoric, but as we peel back the layers of the metaphorical onion we often see parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed and the darkness we have is brought to light.

This can often be a lonely process as many of our friends and family can be in a completely different space, and this is beautifully portrayed by Instagram artist @casualtyofcool showing the lonely process of being initiated into a different level of understanding that many are not used too.

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There is a paradoxical nature to the process of spiritual awakening, on one hand it is you alone dealing with the lessons and process you need to go through. But on the other there are many who are simultaneously going through the same thing. The people appear the moment you are ready for them too, so just know you are not alone in this. Thanks for listening to my words and thanks to @casualtyofcool for the thought provoking work! Much love, Luke

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