19-Year-Old World Cup Star Donates 100% Of Earnings To Charity That Helps Disabled Children Through The Power Of Sport

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By Amanda Froelich,

What would you do if, after years of hard work, you suddenly obtained close to half a million dollars? Most people would likely relish in their earnings and tuck a good portion away for the future. Well, 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe, who helped the French team beat Croatia 4-2 in the World Cup final, recently acquired such a sum. But instead of spending the funds mindlessly, he chose to give 100% of the earnings to charity.

Mbappe, who plays forward position, made roughly $22,500 for each of the seven games that France played in the World Cup. He was also given a $350,000 bonus for winning the tournament. In total, he made around half a million dollars.

The 19-year-old didn’t keep any of the money, however. Instead, he chose to donate 100% of the earnings to charity. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Mbappe decided to give the money to the Premiers de Cordee charity, which helps disabled and hospitalized children into sports. Reportedly, the soccer player has been supporting the charity since 2017.

“Kylian, he’s a great person,” Sebastien Ruffin, general manager of the charity, told Le Parisien. “When his schedule allows it, he intervenes for us with pleasure.”

“He has a very good [relationship] with children, he always finds the right [words] to encourage them,”Ruffin continued. “I sometimes even feel that [he] takes more pleasure to play with the kids than the kids themselves.”

The world we inhabit is anything but perfect. Every night, millions of people go to bed hungry. Even worse, there is enough food on the planet to feed 10 billion people. Despite our phenomenal access to literature and education, people still live and behave as if greed, violence, and anger are the answers to everything.

Still, there is a lot to appreciate on Earth. That’s why when generous acts are witnessed, they need to be recognized. Good people, such as Mbappe, abound. They just don’t generate the media coverage negative events do. Remember this truth as you go about your day and, hopefully, choose to pay the positivity forward.

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