18 Problems With The World & Why Our New Year’s Resolution Should Be To Fix Them


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

I am supposed to be having a few days off for Christmas, this was something I told myself I needed and wanted to do, however I find myself here at 11:15 PM on Boxing day writing an article about how we can fix the world. I don’t claim to have any ultimate truth and perhaps there is much I am missing in this area, however I do see some things that we definitely need to change. Perhaps these things can simply be broken down to one area (which I will explain towards the end of this article) however so to not sound to vague I am going to give 18.

Before I go any further I would like to return to time off, and maybe the reason I am sat here when I should be sleeping, is because this is not actually work. If you take away all the money in the world and build a community in which love is the currency and I don’t get paid for this, you can be assured that I would still be sat here writing this message. So while it is very important to recharge your batteries every once in awhile, when you are in love with what you do, the frequency of needing to do so is decreased.

I am not going to sugarcoat the world, we have a lot of problems happening right now. We have a system on the brink of collapse due to a financial system that controls everything. I could leave it at that, as this system is the root of (most) the suffering on the planet. But I won’t!

We have rainforests being cut down at alarming rates!

We have non renewable energy destroying the planet at whatever cost, when there is the possibility for free renewable energy for the planet!

We have smart devices that have created civil war, due to the fact that 1. Consumers demand a new model frequently and 2. the manufacturers create things that break so they can keep selling to us over and over!

We have animals being enslaved for our greed and insesent craving for meat, and while I am not judging anyone who chooses to eat meat, the way in which it is produced is immoral!

We have wars that are justified in the name of peace, but when you look into the facts it can all be traced back to money, resources or religion!

The polar ice caps are melting at alarming rates!

We have a hyper sexualised society that pretends it doesn’t have sex, creating a terrible relationship with sexuality. The result of this- child abuse, pornography and an illegal global sex trade!

We have children in sweatshops working 18 hour days to feed our luxury lifestyles!

Black men are being murdered and enslaved (in the prison system) in America (yes still in 2016)!

Anyone who is not a white male in the UK/USA are less likely to be in a position of power and will earn less money on average!

Food, shelter, water should all be human rights- yet they have all been monopolised and controlled for a small and greedy bunch of people!

Species on this planet are disappearing at a rate 114 times faster than normal!  

The government has just signed documents that suppress freedom of speech!

We have a capitalist system that supports corporations- the nature of a corporation is continual growth, most of the points I have raised are a result of this continued need to grow!

We have attempted to solve the problem of homelessness, not by giving them homes, no, by placing spikes where they sleep, making it illegal to feed them and confiscating their bedding (in some places). Read that again!!! In a civilised society that is how low we have stooped!!!

We have governments that lie, over and over again and we continue to vote for them and discredit anyone who is honest.

We have native americans who have had their land stolen, their women and children murdered in a genocide framed as “the discovery of America”. Their rights have been systematically taken away from them and so has their land. Not only that we now have an oil company that wants to take what little land they have and destroy it for their greed.

That is not it, I could go on all day, but being that solutions are the way we move forward I will say just one more thing- We as the people sit back and watch this happen and for the most part do nothing. That is changing and today can be the day that you say no more, that is the solution! You are the solution! If you have no blood on your hands you are embodying the change and giving others permission to do the same! Don’t just think about it, be it. Demand that your local bank is ethical, demand that your local supermarket is ethical, demand your government is transparent.

We empower this system by paying taxes, we are the ones who change it today!

If you alone do this- it changes a lot, but you are not the only person who will do this, because “we” are doing this now and things are changing in a major way! Please be a part of this change and now that we can build a community of love, compassion and unity! Much love, Luke

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