15 Psychedelic Works Of Art That Are Truly Remarkable

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Psychedelic art is inspired by the use of psychedelic substances that have allowed the mind to conceive reality in a way that crosses over the general human perception of reality. Psychedelic art is alive and colorful in a way that captures the eyes and hearts of the viewer, blending pieces of our reality with the more abstract. In this article we visit 15 of these awe inspiring images from 5 masterful psychedelic visionaries:

LARRY CARLSON @larrycarlson

Wonder Show of the Universe. Surrealist Supreme. Mind Melting Magic.

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Archan Nair @archannair Spirit animals

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Louis Dyer Artist @louisdyer Visionary Artist

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Hannah Faithyata @HannahFaithyata (not Instagram) Bringing out the beauty in the beast

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