13-Year-Old Traded His Xbox And Did Yard Work So He Could Afford A Car For His Mom


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Fortune has a strange way of turning on people all of a sudden. You never know how, but you might suddenly end up without a job, money and hit the very lowest point of your life. That’s what the Preston family was going through. After an ‘unfortunate event’, Krystal Preston found herself at her lowest state both financially and mentally. She was finding it hard with the little money that she was earning to handle the entire family. She was not the only person suffering. The single mother had three kids and she had to provide for all of them.

While one might feel like they have hit rock bottom, there is always hope and it comes in mysterious ways. For Krystal Preston, her ray of hope came from her 13-year-old son, William Preston. The family, living in Fernley, Nevada, did not have a car. On top of her daily struggles, Krystal was finding it hard to tackle life without proper means of transportation. William saw his mother’s struggle and decided to step up.

William really wanted to do something for his mother. He wanted to bring a bit of the lost happiness back into her life. He used to watch videos of many people presenting cars to their moms on YouTube. He noticed the sudden glow of joy that used to come in the faces of the surprised mothers. He wanted to see that glow on the face of his mother too. He would often ask his mother about different car parts and try to understand more about which car is the best. It was something new but Krystal did not probe into it much – it must be just a 13-year-old’s curiosity.

The 13-year-old started doing some house cleaning and yard work in the community to earn a bit of money. He knew any car would cost a lot more than he was saving, but it was worth giving a try. One day, the opportunity to transform his dreams into reality showed up on Facebook. He came across a post where a woman was attempting to sell off her 1999 white Chevrolet Metro at a cheap price.

William Preston did not have enough money yet to get the cash. He had to make sacrifices and he was ready to do it. He contacted the woman and inquired if she would like to trade the car for his Xbox and some of his savings. A 13-year-old negotiating a deal for a car was something quite new for the woman. She did not know whether she should proceed with the deal or not. At first, she said ‘No’. But later on, the woman agreed and the deal was made. She drove the vehicle to William’s house.

William announced to her mother that he has bought a car. Krystal could not believe it at first. But William took his mother out and brought her to the driveway. And there it was – the white Chevrolet Metro. Krystal could not hold back her tears. She bawled. She was still unable to believe that the car was theirs and her son had bought it. After all, who could ever think that a 13-year-old was capable of buying a car for their mom?

But William proved that he could. He showed that doing something good just requires intention. Age is nothing but a simple number. Preston mentioned to KOLO that she was really proud of her boy. Well, after what he did, we are proud of him too!

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