10 Worst Junk Foods You Can Buy In America

american junk food

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Junk food is basically processed food that has little to no nutritional value and sometimes contains harmful ingredients.

Junk foods are usually delicious, inexpensive, and easily available.


Research suggested that one can get addicted to food if he/she frequents joints that offer junk food, which leads to obesity and overeating.

Let us look at some of the unhealthiest foods in America.

10 Junk Foods That Are Considered To Be The Worst

1: Arby’s Curly Fries

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French fries are extremely popular with people but studies have found that such fried foods lead to heart diseases and inflammation. The fries are high in calorie content and fast-digesting carbohydrates. 

According to Healthline, Arby’s Curly Fries are a great example. The large order of fries contains 650 calories, 77g of carbohydrates, and 35g of fat.


2: Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Guacamole Bacon Burger with Medium Natural Cut Fries and 32-oz Coke

This meal is considered to be one of the most damaging meals as it contains 1,810 calories, and 3,450 mg of Sodium with 92 g of fat (2 g trans & 29.5 g is saturated).

As per Food Matters, this meal is similar to the calorie intake of 9 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts, similar to 30 strips of bacon in terms of fat and 10 large orders of McD French Fries in terms of salt content.

3: Burger King Oreo Shake

burger king oreo shake

Milkshakes have been a popular go-to drink at fast-food restaurants. The shakes that are sold today are much sweeter than before which results in higher calorie counts than expected.

The Oreo Milkshake sold by Burger King contains 730 calories, 121 g of carbohydrates, and 100 g of sugar. More than half of the sugar content is made up of fructose which, as per research, contributes to heart diseases, obesity, and insulin resistance.

4: Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs

The Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs contain a whopping 2,580 calories. This meal can easily turn into 3,460 calories when you add the sweet potatoes and Outback’s Classic Wedge Salad.

You need to consider the https://simpliolabs.com/ fact that it takes 3,500 calories to add fat to your body, so you need to plan a long walk for yourself after you finish this meal.


5: Uno Chicago Grill Classic Deep Dish Individual Pizza

Food Matters considered this to be the “Worst Pizza” as it contains 2,310 calories, 4,920 mg Sodium, and 165 g of fat, where 54g are saturated and 120 g of carbohydrates.

The main issue with this pizza is that the thick base houses heaps of sauce, topping, and cheese. Another thing also needs to be mentioned is that it contains nearly 3 days’ worth of saturated fats.

6: Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Jelly Stick

Donuts are deep-fried treats of sugar, which might be harmful to your health, even more than others.

The Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Jelly Stick contains 480 calories, with 25 g of fat and 59 g of carbohydrates.

The first 3 listed ingredients are sugar, soybean oil, and refined wheat flour, whose frequent consumption is linked to heart problems, obesity, and insulin resistance.

This junk food also contains ingredients like trans fat and high fructose corn syrup that are considered to be unhealthy.

7: P.F. Chang’s Combo Lo Mein

This junk food is packed with 1,968 calories, with 5,860 mg of Sodium and 96 g of fat, out of which 12 g is saturated.

This junk food is usually a side dish, but this huge dish comes with shrimp, chicken, pork, and beef, alongwith a huge barrel of oil.

The damage caused by Lo mein is so massive that it contains a day’s worth of calories and 2.5 days’ worth of sodium.

8: Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing

The Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing contains 1,901 calories, with 4,201 mg of sodium and 138 g of fat out of which 47 g are saturated.

This junk food packs calories that can last you for a day and 2.5 days in terms of fat.

According to Food Matters, it rivals Ruby Tuesday’s for being the worst in the US, so you can be better off with their fajita Pitas to relieve your hunger.

9: Applebee’s Chicken Fajita Rollup

The Applebee’s Chicken Fajita Rollup contains 1,450 calories.

Wraps are looked up to as healthy alternatives to sandwiches, but this is further from the actual truth.

Applebee’s rollup contains a Mexi-ranch sauce, which is served along with a side of fries. The wraps are basically tanks for fluids so that the junk food cooks can squirt in large quantities of sauce, without making it look messy.

10: KFC Famous Bowl

KFC is famous for its fried chicken and they have added other things to their menu, which includes bowls and pot pies.

The KFC Famous Bowl contains fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, cheese, and gravy- 710 calories, 31 g of fat, and 82 g of carbohydrates.

Deep frying is considered to be one of the most unhealthy methods of prepping food, so, HealthLine has put them up on their list of worst junk foods.

The ingredients are also rich in unhealthy materials like corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils.

Junk food is found everywhere and the market seems to be growing, with the rapid growth of population and globalization. If you indulge in junk foods, avoid some of them, as they have the highest potential to harm your health.

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