10 Types Of Crystals And How They Can Benefit You

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Crystals have been around for ages, simply because people believe in the perceived power that they possess. They are considered to have metaphysical properties that could uplift one’s life, and position in society. Also, we mostly see crystals being used for meditation or healing practices, or to spruce up the living space of an individual- so that it provides them with a sense of peace. In order to actively understand how crystals work and how they benefit us, it is advised that one work with an experienced practitioner of crystals. Most of us might be skeptical about the entire saga, but if it helps someone deal with something going on in their lives, who are we to put a stop to that?


Here are 10 crystals that are routinely used to provide one with a sense of peace and accomplishment, among many other positive benefits. 

10 Crystals That Can Benefit You

1. Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is a crystal that would help deal with anxiety or indecision. This is also known as the master healer and can amplify energy, whilst promoting thought clarity. This stone is often used for meditation, manifestation, and the cleansing of all negative energy. This quartz can also be used as a tool for meditation, which would then improve one’s clarity, as well as memory.

2. Selenite

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Selenite is a white, translucent crystal that is known for its purifying and cleansing properties. This crystal is usually thought to remove stagnant energy and facilitate spiritual connection, whilst promoting mental clarity. This crystal can also soothe one’s nerves and enhances willpower- which makes it a pretty great option to embrace before one goes on a date or moves into a new relationship. 

3. Labradorite

Labradorite with rare colours

This crystal comes with iridescent colors and is usually associated with psychic abilities, intuition, and the awakening of the spirits. This crystal is also believed to increase spiritual awareness, whilst protecting one from negative energies. Interestingly, it also stimulates intuition, while balancing hormones, and treats colds. To put it in perspective, this is the perfect crystal one should have during the colder months. 



4. Carnelian

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This crystal is orangish-red in color and is heavily associated with motivation, vitality, and creativity. Carnelian has, throughout centuries, been believed to stimulate the ambition of individuals, and at the same time, enhance their confidence, and inspire action in them. This crystal is also known to accelerate metabolism, circulation, as well as blood flow. This crystal also provides one with the courage and clarity to make life decisions. 

5. Black Tourmaline

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Black tourmaline is a protective stone that is often used to promote grounding and also repel negative energy. This stone can also shield one against electromagnetic radiation, and psychic attacks. This is, indeed, a pretty good stone for one to seek out if one is searching for something to stand upon. It also has properties that aid the immune system, while providing pain relief. 

6. Amethyst

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Amethyst is one of the most popular stones available. The stone has a lot of uses and is quite gorgeous, with the healing powers ranging all the way from anxiety alleviation, to a good night’s sleep. Since this stone primarily targets one’s crown chakra, the crystal aims at bringing in a sense of emotional and physical tranquility. The specific healing properties of the stone include easing migraines and headaches, strengthening intuition, and helping with pain relief. 

7. Chrysocolla

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One can think of chrysocolla as an all-in-one crystal since it helps all of the chakras- which include the throat, heart, solar plexus, root, sacral, and the third eye. In its actions, the crystal helps in fine-tuning the body to its psychic sensibilities. Interestingly, one might never know what is in store after the sensibilities are heightened- for one would see a flash in the future. While sitting around, or just meditating, one should place chrysocolla on any of the chakras, or the energy points in one’s body, which would help one perform to the best of their abilities. 

8. Jade

Jade Nephrite 2932215767

Jade is the crystal that provides us with luck. This, for one’s who are wondering, is a portable lucky charm. This stone is supposed to bring prosperity and abundance in the material realm, as well as the social sphere. Interestingly, if one wears jade on their left hand or wrist, it could help bring in blessings from the Universe. And, let’s be honest, jade rings look pretty elegant as well. 

9. Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is the crystal to use when one is manifesting love and a bunch of new relationships. Interestingly, this crystal can also help one if they are already stuck on an emotional rollercoaster, as this crystal encourages them to deal with their relationships with empathy. And finally, this quartz supposedly brings about an avalanche of inner peace- irrespective of one’s relationship status. 

10. Citrine

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Citrine is for those who think they are being held in stasis, or are stuck at their present condition. This crystal can provide one with a sudden jolt of confidence if one places the crystal on one’s belly, or solar plexus chakra while resting. As it turns out, the crystal helps in loosening up the knotted energy within the body and then restores the good vibes. 

According to Dr. Tracy Bullard, the current century has seen a lot of people working with crystals as they incorporate them into their daily lives. And let’s be honest- this isn’t the 1950s or 60s counterculture movement, where people wanted to be different for the sake of being different. Now, people truly believe in the power of crystals, and how they may benefit an individual. Also, we can’t deny the utilization of crystals in science. Quartz crystals are routinely used to conduct electricity and are also used to keep time on our watches. Crystals are also used in LED and LCD screens, ultrasound, radios, sonar, transistors, and other forms of technology. Silicon crystals are at the very center of computer technology, something that powers everything else. 


Needless to say, crystals are more than just mere stones which look pretty. They have a lot of properties and are quite intimately connected to the very essence of life. There is a lot that one can learn from crystals- things that would explain a lot about us as well. According to Dr. Bullard, crystals are extremely powerful tools that simply help us understand our own divinity.

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