10 Things That Happen When You Suppress Your Emotions


By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

As spiritual teacher Teal Swan says, we are living in an emotional dark age. No one wants to hear about what you feel. Rather, they find the notion too uncomfortable and prefer you — and everyone else — put on a happy face or “sweep the issues under the rug,” so to speak.

Unfortunately, doing this isn’t just bad for one’s mental well-being, it also takes a toll on one’s physical health. Following are 10 things that happen when you suppress your emotions. Perhaps the repercussions of doing so will inspire you to spend time more time meditating, cultivating inner peace and compassion.

1) High Blood Pressure

Because suppressing emotions requires energy, a person who overpowers their emotions oftentimes experiences an increase in blood pressure. In fact, many people admit that when they get angry or experience extreme sorrow, their heart rate increases. This is extremely dangerous for the body and the brain, as TruthInsideofYou reports.

2) Weight Gain

It is a well-validated fact that people who experience high amounts of stress (and don’t handle it in a healthy way) tend to overeat. This can occur subconsciously as a means to control stress. If one doesn’t have a healthy outlet (journaling, doing something creative, exercising), it can be easy to gain weight in the long-term.

3) Digestive Problems

The psycho-spiritual effect of suppressing emotions can result in digestive problems. This is because stress slows down the digestive system and results in decreased absorption. In fact, many people frequently experience acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, etc… as a result of high-stress lifestyles.

4) Grinding of the Teeth

Did you know? Sometimes, grinding of the teeth is a sign one has parasites. It also can result when one  suppresses their emotions. Most commonly, grinding of the teeth happens when someone holds back anger or frustration. Prolonged grinding often results in pain in the jaws and head, as well as other ill effects.

5) Apparent Wrinkles

Wrinkles aren’t just a result of aging. When people withhold their emotions, they tend to adopt worrisome or stressed facial expressions that can result in the lines forming. Imagine how much money women and men could save by just relaxing and working through their feelings than spending thousands on creams and potions.

6) Trouble Sleeping

Having trouble catching some Zzz’s? It might be time to let your feelings pour out. Poor sleep can result as a symptom of accumulated stress which keeps you up at night. As has been heavily reported on before, sleep is imperative for optimal body function and healing.

7) Reduced output of Oxytocin

Believe it or not, increased stress levels can affect the secretion of oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone expressed when you hug, cuddle and share intimate moments with others. The hormone is essential to reducing stress and anxiety. When one holds in their emotions, however, its production may decrease resulting in further strain.

8) Temporal Lobe Is Prevented From Doing Its Job

The Temporal Lobe is a critical part of the brain primarily responsible for memories and the basic senses — including sight, sound and touch. If a person tends to suppress their emotions, this part of the brain may be adversely affected.

9) Depressed Immune System

When one is bombarded by stress, their immune system takes a direct hit. If a stressful situation persists, you may find yourself succumbing to illness more frequently. Not only is being sick a drag, it can affect other areas of your life — including relationships, work and personal goals. Take the time to de-stress now and you will experience better health in the near future.

10) Memory Loss

Exacerbated stress which results from holding in one’s emotions may contribute to memory loss long-term. Though this is unfortunate, it doesn’t have to be your future. Make an effort to relax more often (take a bath, read a good book, go on a walk with a lover, etc…) and reap the benefits of investing in your well-being.

Now that you know the negative repercussions of holding in your emotions and becoming too stressed, hopefully, you will seize this opportunity to implement positive life changes.

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