10 Signs You’re An Alpha Female Who Isn’t Afraid To Succeed

alpha female

By Eden Marie Truth Theory

Alpha Females are forces to be reckoned with. This is because unlike most members of society, they won’t tolerate any form of disrespect. In fact, an Alpha Female is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and is quick to put those in their place if confronted by ignorance and/or rude behavior.

An Alpha Female is usually surrounded by loyal friends and family members. She is the leader of those in her life and loves it that way. Motivated to excel in a variety of areas, she is successful in her career and may appear intimidating to those who may fall in the categories of beta or omega.

Though she is fierce and willing to declare such to others, an Alpha female may also be sensitive. She is skilled at reading others’ emotions and as a result, too easily places herself in other people’s’ shoes. Though this allows her to excel, it may also result in her withholding emotions from those in her life. A curious mix of passion, determination, and femininity, the Alpha Female is alluring for obvious reasons.

Following are 10 signs you may be an Alpha Female:

1) You live in the spotlight

Whether you ask for it or not, it feels as if you are always in some form of spotlight. Quite simply, this is because your confidence attracts attention. An effect of this is that people at work look to you for guidance, and friends and family members in your life frequently contact you for advice. At social gatherings, you are often the one causing guests to laugh uncontrollably. Though it might be unintentional, you can’t help but hold attention with your energy, poise and gift for social engagement.

2) You are propelled by purpose

Not a day goes by that you don’t wake up with a sense of purpose and direction. Every area of your life is mapped out and your ambitions for the next 5, 10 and 20 years are outlined. Additionally, your goals extend past the physical. You aim to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally and because of this, put your heart and soul into everything you do. You are aware that through hard work and a positive mindset, you can accomplish anything.

3) You understand the importance of balance

Though you may have 100+ goals on a to-do list, you’re aware that progress takes time. As a result, you’re okay with taking a break now and again. Additionally, you know that overworking yourself can result in negative consequences, therefore, you take care of your body as if it were your temple (which it is!). Healthy food, positive mantras, exercise, journaling, creative activities and more keep you occupied on your days “off,” and this allows you to push even harder when at work or putting effort into your own projects.

4) You’re not afraid of being alone

Some people are so scared of being in their own company – not you. In fact, you thrive being alone as it offers the perfect space to wrap your head around all your ambitions and goals in life. Though you love company and adore certain people, you’re aware that energy matters, therefore, take care to spend some much-needed time on your own. You are not defined by a romantic relationship and actually enjoy opportunities to be alone, as they allow you to be more productive.

5) You embrace change

There are three constants in the universe: paradox, humor and change. Not only do you embrace all three, you especially resonate with impermanence because nothing will ever be the same in this time/space reality. Aware of this, you welcome opportunities for self-development and take the good with the bad. After all, no growth is possible without sacrifice. The Alpha Female understands that her power comes from being able to face life and embrace the endless possibilities that result from change.

6) You laugh in the face of fear

Where others see risk, you see opportunity. Because of this, you are willing to take gambles in life. Rather than wait for a new job to find you, you actively seek the position you want and gain the experience needed to attain it. It might be said that your biggest fear is stagnancy. You’d rather keep moving than feel “stuck” in any form. Because of this, you’ll put your ego (and sometimes life) on the line to live life to the fullest.

7) You’re a passionate lover

Because you’re willing to take risks (and have calculated the pros/cons beforehand), you’re a very passionate lover. Whether striving to be in a relationship or continuing a long-term one, you’re not afraid to profess your love and/or ask your beloved to take the next step. Whereas most people guard their hearts, you’re willing to expose yours completely. Obviously, being vulnerable is scary, but you’re brave enough that the possibility of being hurt doesn’t matter long-term. If you’re going to do anything, you’re going to do it fully. It’s for this reason you exude and share unconditional love.

7) You are incredibly misunderstood

To be an Alpha Female means you will inevitably be called a “bitch.” This is because society does not yet value Alphas for their unapologetic attitudes or passion for success. Most people think you’re either rude or intentionally intimidating. In reality, you’re clear about what you like and aren’t willing to sacrifice your own comfort to fit in. In effect, you are quite misunderstood by the majority, even though you might be desired. Fortunately, close family and friends know the true you.

9) You know that you don’t know everything

Those who are wise admit they knowing, and those who are ignorant believe they have all the answers. You can bet the Alpha Female is the former. As an Alpha, you are in constant pursuit of knowledge and can’t help but desire to know everything. The more you study, the more you realize you have so much to learn. This is a gift, for it keeps the confident Alpha humble and from being too self-absorbed. This understanding is crucial in life because it provides balance and enables the Alpha to accomplish great feats. If she believes nothing is ever good enough or that more information could be obtained, she will never stop trying to better herself or the world.

10) You refuse to give up

This trait, undeniably, is what defines an Alpha Female. She is loyal, she is persistent, she will do whatever it takes to succeed. When an Alpha is aligned with her true self, she won’t throw others under the bus for the sake of success. However, she will work harder, smarter, and faster to beat the competition. Whatever the goal, you can bet she will succeed someday.

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