10 Safest Countries To Travel To In 2022

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The world has shifted into a different phase over the last few years, all thanks to the pandemic. This led to economic downturns in every country and the safety of the world is under scrutiny after the war in Ukraine.

It is probably a great feeling when you explore the world, but is quite important to know something about the country that you are traveling to, beforehand.


The Global Peace Index had stated that the world is much less peaceful compared to the previous years, according to a 2020 report. Another report from 2021 stated that the peacefulness had further reduced after the advent of the pandemic.

Traveling should be full of enjoyment and a source of peace for people who are doing so, and this is why we are sharing the top 10 countries that are the safest with respect to tourism.

This list shares the places that are quite peaceful but in no way are the “only” places in the world where one can venture safely.


The 10 Safest Countries For Modern Travelers

1: Canada

Canada boasts of having polite and friendly residents and the land is described as being a wonderland. This might be due to the fact that it is one of the safest countries to travel to.

The residents pay respect to travelers and natives, both, which is why you feel that you are right at home. Canada also showcases a variety of wildlife and beautiful nature reserves, which makes it the best spot for adventurists and outdoor lovers.

2: Iceland

This country is a great destination where you can have a trip without any form of stress and was hailed as the safest country where people could travel. Iceland is also the third happiest country in the world.

This Nordic land is brimming with culture and beautiful hills. The friendly Icelandic people make this place a tourist’s paradise and are a must for vacation plans.

You can also see the Northern Lights, which is one of the most fascinating things to do here. The sky at night is filled with stars, thanks to the low level of light pollution, and this is where the bluish-green color dances. You can also go to a local hot spring and dive into the heated waters (naturally) and watch your surroundings covered with ice. 

3: New Zealand

New Zealand offers greenery, beautiful beaches, and kind residents. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is also one of the most peaceful.

This corruption-free country does not shelter dangerous insects and animals, unlike Australia, so you can be safe in that perspective.

It is also a great location for people who prefer adventure and the outdoors.

If you have the time, then you can also check out the Haka dance, of the Maori people, which is popularly performed by New Zealand’s Rugby team.

4: Japan

Japan is the safest country in Asia that you can visit as the crime rates are extremely low and the people are extremely respectful.

The high-tech cities are filled with soothing gardens and this strange combination makes this place even more interesting.

You must keep in mind that you should respect the Japanese culture and follow the underlying rules when you are in public places. Japan is a must to have on your bucket list and is a great country to visit.


5: Denmark

This nation is considered to be the happiest one in the world. Copenhagen, which is the capital, is one of the best places where one can travel solo. The country is cycle-friendly, which means that you can roam across the country at your own will and feel comfortable while you are at it. 

Denmark is famous for “Hygge”, which explains the comfort and safety you experience when you sip a warm drink by the fire and are surrounded by a good crowd. You can take a look at Copenhagen on a budget: a backpacker’s travel guide before you take a trip.

Denmark has places like Norrebo, which are quite risky, but you will have a great time as long as you are vigilant and aware.

6: Spain

Spain offers great food surrounded by warm and comfortable weather and is one of the most loved destinations.

The residents are also there for one another and are always doing their bits to help their communities. The kind Spaniards know how to dance and to have a great time.

Spain can be a great spot for you if you are looking for a trip filled with fun.

Spain also offers massive mountains and beautiful coastlines, however, busy cities are a bit risky as they are filled with pick-pockets. 

Instead of thinking about the negatives, have some tapas, drink some Sangria and take a long walk along the beautiful sandy beach.

7: Switzerland

Switzerland is a brilliant choice for travelers who are looking for some peace, cleanliness, and delicious chocolate. This nation tops the list of safest countries to visit, for female solo travelers, in Europe. You can also pay a visit to the Swiss Alps if you are into hiking or extreme snow sports. The scenery is so beautiful that it will take your breath away.

8: Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan culture is a Buddhist one, which is one of the major reasons why this Asian country is safe to travel to. The residents are described to be extremely welcoming and calm.

Sigiriya is a great place to visit in Sri Lanka and is a summit that contains the remains of a palace at its peak.

This country is also adorned with other destinations but it is recommended that you choose the ones that are less traveled to and discover new sights by yourself.

9: Portugal

Portugal can be quite cheap while being safe, which makes it an amazing tourist destination. The fun-filled cities and the magnificent coasts have attracted tourists from all around the world which is supplemented by the warm weather.

You can avoid the rush by steering clear of peak times, and enjoying the quietness of the country.

It is a must to have some Portuguese cuisine and walk through the Porto or Lison streets. 

If you are looking for a place to enjoy and feel comfortable, under a budget, then Portugal is the place for you.

10: Finland

If you are looking for adventure then Finland is the place for you. The Finnish residents are welcoming and kind, which makes it a great place for travelers.

This safe Scandinavian nation believes in eco-friendly living and sustainability, so a trip here would help you learn more about the same.

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