10 People Who Came Back To Life To Share Their Feelings

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The medical term given to blood circulation and breathing cessation is known as clinical death. These two activities are extremely important in life. This commonly occurs when the cardiac muscles stop contracting, a condition better known as cardiac arrest.

The term “clinical death” is used frequently but it does not have a consistent meaning. There are no universal rules or regulations to make such an assumption but the doctors who are assigned to take care of the patients make this determination.


A Redditor called APater6706 asked his community about the people “who have died” but have come back to life or resuscitated about their experiences.

Did they eventually walk towards the bright light or did they even remember anything about such a thing?


This thread became viral and had amassed 13.7k upvotes with almost 3k comments.

The People Who Had Come Back To Life


User _addycole shared her own experiences and stated that the blackness was quite warm and serene. It was neither cold nor scary and she had the best nap of her life. She gave it a 5 stars rating and added that she was not in a hurry to do it again. She also made it certain that she was not afraid to die when the time comes eventually.

As a joke, she stated that she would not recommend a heart failure as it was awful and painful, with zero out of five ratings.



User Bobbacata12 reflected on her big operation, which she had at age 16, and did not know if she was allergic to morphine. It was the best “sleep” he ever had in his life and it felt like nothing “but something”. He remembered seeing someone resuscitate him from a different point of view and jolted up from his bed with his father holding his hand, scared.

A few years later, it was her father that had experienced the same thing after the operation and he woke up grabbed his hand, and said that he “got him back”.



User Rholicious shared his father’s experience. He had his appendix operated upon at high risk, as he was diabetic. He waited for 3 days with a stomach ache, while being massively dehydrated. He was then rushed to the hospital and was not able to walk anymore.

His father described the feeling as a dark calm and was similar to submerging himself in a pool that filled his entire body. 

He felt his worries vanish and felt nostalgic. He apparently heard his surgeon say “return, don’t go”. He later felt that he was indeed dying and grabbed on to the signs of life. He was pulled out from a world of warmth and nostalgia to a cold suffering world, where he felt pain and anxiousness.

He woke up from anesthesia and grabbed his son’s hand because he knew that if he dies he would miss them.



Begra23 remembered the time she gave birth to her son. It was a crazy experience for her and she remembered panicking and losing consciousness. She lived a life in that time she was gone, with her children.
She returned back to life with her child at her breast as the doctors were trying to get her uterus to contract by feeding the child, to reduce the bleeding. 



User MuluLizidrummer shared his feeling and said that it was similar to if he had gone off to sleep. He had an alcohol withdrawal seizure and had woken up in the hospital. He felt his heart stop for 8 seconds.

One thing he remembered clearly was that the weight of the world had lifted off his shoulder and that everything he cared about was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. All of these feelings made him feel that death would be less frightening if it ever came face-to-face with him.



ShellaStorm had OD’ed on Ativan after her son died. She had arrhythmia for 6 minutes and had to be shocked back to life. She clearly remembered a forest where there was no time and her son was there. He told her that he (the son) always knew that she loved him. They spent enough time there for him to grow up and she felt complete peace when she woke up.
She finally got the closure she needed and that was all that really mattered in the end.


User FaithlessnessHead392 spoke about a time when his grandfather passed away. It was after 8 months that he woke up from a dream where his grandfather had returned.
He saw his whole family sitting outside on a summer afternoon. His grandfather was sitting in the middle and sharing his experiences on life and death and how peaceful dying was. 

He later woke up from the dream and while driving to school, shared the story with his father, and to his surprise, he too saw the same dream.

After such an experience, User FaithlessnessHead392 has a new perspective on the afterlife.


Saeturelskan shared an experience that his friend had gone through. He had overdosed and saw all single colors at once and heard every single harmonious sound. It was a feeling that could not be described and was so surreal yet haunting.

Such life and death experiences had always had a fascinating role in altering people’s lives. 


Bhappyy felt like he was coming home from a long journey. Everything felt more familiar than the present “reality”.
As his consciousness left his body, he looked down on himself and found that he was his purest self. Such an experience cured him of his 11-year treatment-resistant clinical depression and re-energized him to live life to the fullest.

He asked himself, how he got there while referring to the dead himself sitting on a chair and it was at that instant, that he saw his life flash before his eyes. He saw how he became depressed. He felt that he had to return and as soon as he said “YES”, he woke up, transformed.



BruceTheHoon1 survived an attempt to take his own life and the moment he woke up, he felt like he was being torn from the most serene and beautiful place to ever exist.
Everything felt cozy and warm and he was really comfortable and at mental peace.
He had a similar experience in life when he underwent a therapy session that involved psychedelics.

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