10 Dream Types And What They Actually Mean

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One thing we all have in common is that we dream! But what are dreams? If you look in the dictionary for answers it will tell you they are “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.”

I don’t think this is a very accurate description of what a dream is and the truth is in the realms of science, there is very little understanding of what dreams actually are.

Many cultures over the ages and over the world have linked dreams to a higher dimension and have given them significant spiritual and prophetic meaning, here are 10 dream types and what they actually mean.


Daydreaming is when you are in between sleep and wakefulness.  It is thought that we have the tendency to daydream 70-120 minutes on average per day. Day dreams occur while you are awake and your imagination takes you away. When your mind starts to wander you will find your level of awareness will decreases and you can lose yourself in your fantasy scenario.

False Awakening

Do you ever find yourself up and about getting on with your morning routine only to wake up and realise you have to do it again? This is what is called a false awakening and is when you dream you are awake then wake up and to the surprise that it was only a dream.      

Lucid Dreams

A Lucid dream is when you come to the realisation within your dream that you are dreaming. That aha moment when you say to yourself “Hold up, this is a dream!” This is usually followed by you waking up. Although many seasoned lucid dreamers have cultivated the ability to remain asleep in this state. They become a participant in the sleep world, making decisions while in their dreams and influencing the outcome of the dream and not waking up.


We have all had nightmares right, when you feel deeply disturbed by a dream causing you to wake up feeling frightened and anxious about what you experienced. These can often happen as a response trauma you have suffered in a real life situations.

Nightmares can also be the result of something stored in your unconscious mind, perhaps something you have ignored or will not accept in your life. Nightmares and dreams in general are often an indication of something that needs to be acknowledged and often confronted and while they can be terrifying they are not always a bad thing.

Recurring Dreams

These are dreams that repeat themselves, they can be slightly varied, but the general theme is the same. These dreams can be positive or negative, but will be trying to share a some kind of message with you.  Dreams can recur because of unresolved or ignored conflict. You will usually find that once you resolve the conflict, the recurring dreams will stop.

Healing Dreams

Healing dreams are a messenger for the dreamer regarding their health. The Ancient Greeks referred to these dreams as “prodromic”. Many experts believe that these types of dreams can help you to avoid health problems, and can contribute to healing when you are sick.

Dreams will often tell you when something is not right within your body and can tell us before the  manifestation of physical symptoms. If you get to know your dreams they can work as a warning system for your health.

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams, which can also be called precognitive or psychic dreams, are dreams that predict future events. One of the theories that explains this, is that while asleep your mind is able to connect information that you often overlook. Basically- your unconscious mind knows what is going to happen before you are able to consciously process the same information.

Epic Dreams

Epic dreams are so momentous that you simply cannot ignore them. It is quite common for the effects of these dreams and the details in them to remain with you for years, maybe even a lifetime! These beautiful dreams often contain life metaphors and archetypal symbology.  Upon awakening from such dreams, you will feel that you have just experienced something epic about your world, hence the name epic dream.  

Progressive Dreams

This is when you have dreams that progress over a period of nights either in successive nights or over a longer period of time sporadically. The dreams will continue where the last one finished or it can often be like a recurring dream that continues to grow in length. Progressive dreams often help you to solve problems in your life and allow you to apply various approaches to what it is you are facing within a situation.

Mutual Dreams

A Mutual dreams are the phenomena when two people share a dream experience. These can often be planned, where two people actively work together to try and combine their dream to reach a certain goal or outcome. This is a great way to improve communication and build up trust. Mutual dreams often occur spontaneously. You may find that someone close to you shared the same dream on the same night as you.

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