Macaulay Culkin Recreated Scenes From Home Alone And It Makes Perfect Christmas Viewing (Video)

By Luke Miller

Macaulay Culkin Recreated Scenes From Home Alone And It’s Just What Christmas Needed

Christmas would not be Christmas without a healthy dose of nostalgia. Reliving old memories, eating good food and spending time with loved ones. The presence is far more important than the presents, but a well thought out gift can always bring a smile to our faces.

Christmas TV is part of the package when it comes to the big day, and there is no better movie to blend nostalgic bliss with mischief and love than Home Alone.

Things have changed a fair deal since the 1990s when Macaulay Culkin blessed the screen as the lovable 10-year-old Kevin. Now Kevins a 38-year-old not so cute dude, however, Macaulay Culkin has done something we can all be grateful for this festive period and recreated some scenes from the movie which more accurately represents the times we are living in.

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