Could Male Love Robots Replace Men For Good?

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By Mayukh saha

It’s most likely that you’ve already heard about female love-dolls. People have been so obsessed with them that they even made love-robots which a man could literally sleep with. But, have you heard about the male counterparts yet? It’s the new thing and it’s trending these days. Yes, seriously! Synthetic, a company in the United States, has developed a male version of these quite popular love-robots.

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So, what are these robots?Screen Shot 2018 12 17 at 13.26.57164

Here’s the thing. These are doll-men who fulfil the bodily desires of a woman. Inspired by mythological tales of intimate desire gratification through dolls, statues or other artefacts, Bronwen Keller and Matt Krivicke – the joint-owners of the company – have come up with this unique idea. However, just FYI, the world was sensationally introduced to love dolls by pornography long back, in 1968.

Such historical instances have motivated the makers. Yet, the newness of the concept is not the only amazing thing in this case. The technology used also is. The makers have taken all the care so that anyone who uses these dolls doesn’t have to worry about a thing – not even charging the battery. This was done to ensure that the consumers are fully satisfied. In other words, these are absolutely low-maintenance.

How they do it?Screen Shot 2018 12 17 at 13.26.31165

It’s needless to say that there are many adept technicians who make it all possible. First, you call or e-mail the company and place your order. You tell them what you like, what you don’t and even your fantasies. Second, moulds are made according to your listed preferences and are filled with silicon. This has to be left overnight to settle down and the body is then ready.

Screen Shot 2018 12 17 at 13.27.27166

Now comes the appearance part. Everything, yes literally everything – starting from skin tone to a speck on the shoulder – is customizable. It is all made to the preferences of the buyer. It’s actually a man that is being made just for you. Sounds both fun and weird, right? Well, anyhow, even the amount and the texture of the chest or pubic hair is controllable. Now that’s something way different and way more realistic than the female dolls.

That being said, I hope you know that customized fantasies are never cheap. A single robot would cost you something around $13000. However, even at such a price, these have been hot cakes in places like Texas and Minnesota.

Women are necessarily expected to suppress their intimate fantasies while men, on the other hand, are expected to literally flaunt them. Innovations like these are quite rightly the perfect answers on the face of such social injustice. A woman has all the right in the world to explore her physical intimate desires and it is absolutely necessary that this is socially recognized, just like Synthetic has.

Source: Vice

IMAGE CREDIT: willyambradberry

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