Blue Man Groups Bizarre Performance On Tiny Desk Is Pure Magic  

By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

Blue Man Group is a performance collective known globally for their bizarre combination of music, movement and art, all performed without ever saying a word. 

In this video the group take over Tiny Desk Concerts using a blend of instruments they call the chapman stick, cimbalom, shredmill, spinulum and PVC. 

The group plays 3 songs, ending with a motivational parody called “Meditation For Winners”

Taken from the video description:

Every band that plays the Tiny Desk must work within the restrictions of the space. So instead of installing their entire signature PVC instrument, what ended up behind the desk was about a third of it. On the right side of the desk, their Shred Mill makes its internet debut: It’s a drum machine triggered by magnets that changes rhythm depending where they are placed on the home-made variable-speed conveyor belt. They also invented something called a Spinulum, whose rhythmic tempo is controlled by rotating a wheel that plucks steel guitar strings.

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