Black Woman Can’t Stop Laughing When White Supremacist Finds Out He Is Part African From DNA Testing


By Mayukh Saha,

It is really funny when you see any kind of prejudice being proclaimed aloud in public and there is a simple reason – there can never be prejudice unless there is some kind of ignorance.

There have been numerous instances of this happening in the world and some have been viral on social media too. There was one example when a young Christian couple were travelling in an ISIS-infested country; they were obviously halted in the middle of the day and asked to recite verses from the Quran. The young man simply quoted the verse of the Bible in Arabic; his captor though he was reciting the Quran and let him go.

Something akin to this but far funnier happened a few nights ago. Craig Cobb (he even has a stereotypically ‘White name’, doesn’t he?), a White supremacist, was trolled on the Trisha show after his DNA tests showed that he is part African himself.

You have to be in his shoes to know the shock he must have been feeling at that moment: he is infamous for hate speech against African Americans and very proud of his so-called White privilege.

And, just like the Dave Chappelle skit, it is not as easy as you think to tell if you are White or not. Your skin colour definitely is not enough.

And like every other White supremacist out there, he obviously won’t believe it, nor will he learn from his mistakes even after being shown the same on national television. But hey, at least his plight made a few million people laugh.

This trope is also very similar to the Spike Lee ‘joint’ Blackkklansman, where the character of David Duke, the then Grand Wizard of the KKK was duped for months on end by Ron Stallworth as he kept believing he was talking to a White man.

Well, guess what White Supremacists? You cannot tell a man’s lineage simply from the colour of his skin, nor can you read his race or character from his voice.

Let’s hope people who still disagree watch the Trisha show or the film I mentioned and learn to mend their ways.

This country and this world are big enough for all kinds of people, Black or White. The only thing not big enough is your heart, if you disagree!

Please note that the video was first aired over 5 years ago:

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