What I Learned From Taking Psychedelics 40 Times In 13 Months

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I am sitting in the airport on the way back from yet another mind altering adventure halfway across the globe. I am in the jungle town of Iquitos in Peru and the last few weeks have been memorable. I was scheduled to take ayahuasca, the visionary and hallucinogenic brew made from the banisteria caapi vine and chacruna leaves. The plan was to take it 3 times in a 7 day period, but I only ended up taking it once. The 7 days were intense with one ceremony (I didn’t take part in) resulting in the single handed destruction of the maloka (the sacred ceremony space) by a very traumatised drinker. The ceremony I did take part in led to me (yet again) having to face demons, entities and what I felt was going to be my very last moments as a free human being. I literally thought I had been tricked into selling my soul, it was traumatic, and led me to the decision that I should not take part in any more of the ceremonies and I need to take a break from psychedeilc adventures.

This week was just a single chapter in an adventure that has lasted 13 months, 5 of which I spent in Peru taking various medicinal plants and substances and the other 8 of which I travelled to other places physically, mentally and spiritually experimenting with lots of mind altering substances and experiences. This 13 month period has been intense and while I still have a shred of my sanity intact I have decided to take a long (maybe permanent) break to process what has happened.

Over this period of time I have convinced myself that these substances are handed to us from the gods to beautifully navigate the cosmos, all the way to they are a trick from the devil to enslave humanity. There have been moments in which I thought I purged the world from all of its darkness, all the way up to thinking I literally broke time and space as we know it. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I do not regret any of it and while I am still processing much of it all here are 6 solid lessons I have learned from these experiences.

  1. All Substances Are Not Created Equally

Over this 13 month period I took ayahuasca 10 times, Wachuma (San Pedro) 7 times, DMT  11 times and mushrooms around 10 times. They are all very different, and each separate experience can be very different while taking the same substance.

  1. God Is 100% Real And We All Believe In Him/Her/It

I think God is perhaps the most misunderstood metaphor ever. God is the creator and we the created, this means God exists within all of us, and in a sense we are all God or a piece of God. This means all religions and science are actually just different ways to explain our existence and perhaps all contain a very important piece of a bigger puzzle. We should not be arguing with each other over who is right, but we should be learning from each other.

If we give it thought, we all have a way of explaining why we are here and that explanation is just a different word for God/creator, which also does not need to be religious. If there is a God (in a religious sense), all is created in the image of God- meaning all other religions are a manifestation of the same God.

We Are Created And There Is A Blueprint

When I was in a ceremony I saw codes which cannot be boxed into human language, however the closest I can come to summing it up is through numbers and geometry. The code of the world is a numerological code, which can then be taken and turned into physical matter.

The most simple of expenations is 1 being singular or a representation of that which is singular. In a sense 1 is God. Turned into a shape 1 is a simple line, however once you manifest this into a shape it cannot become 2, as 2 would be 2 lines. The number/shape that brings equilibrium to 1 (or the line) is the 3, which is then transmuted into the triangle. The equilateral triangle could be thought of as the physical 2D manifestation of God/creation. This goes on to them become a pyramid as the 3D physical manifestation of God, hence the sacred nature of the pyramid.

This is just 1 simple example, another is that of the fibonacci sequence, which is the number code in which you add the last 2 digits of the sequence to make the next number and goes as follows.

0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so on. This creates a ratio of roughly 1.618 between numbers- which is known as the golden ratio. When mapped out as shapes this creates a spiral.

This proportionate measurement can be found everywhere in the micro and macro world. It is found in the human body, in nature and even goes out to the spiraling shape of our solar system and possibly the universe.

Also much of the world’s most famous art contains (often hidden) reference to the Golden ratio and its (sometimes metaphorical) link to our existence.

You Can Download Information

I have found that we can literally download information. My biggest example from my personal life is numerology. I am still learning about numerology, however my base understanding came from an ayahuasca ceremony. I literally went in knowing nothing about numbers as a code to our existence and came out understanding numbers as a means to interpret reality.

This is not the only example, I have found understanding of things such as duality, synchronicity and the different levels of existence through the use of psychedelic substances. For example there is an ordering of life starting with the mineral world (rocks, crystals etc.), then you have the vegetable/plant world, this contains within it the mineral world, but is also a much more alive (as we understand it) form of life. Then you have the animal kingdom which is more primitive and animalistic than human beings, mostly instinctual creatures that bass existence around survival. We then have human beings, which include all the prior levels, but also have the ability to rationalise and reflect in a way other animals do not. Some animals are very advanced, such as elephants, many types of primates such as chimps and gorillas, horses, dogs and many others- however, humans are in a different league when it comes to the ability to think and are the only species on earth that has the ability to rule the whole world. I actually believe it does not end with human beings and the levels continue to rise through higher forms of intelligence. The difference between the higher and lower levels is- each higher level has the characteristics of the lower, as well as a new set, however, the lower levels do not contain the levels of the higher. Meaning a plant contains minerals, but a stone does not contain the plant.

There are many other things that have come as a direct result of ceremonies- many artists credit their inspiration to psychedelic substances- I have written poems that have been downloaded in ceremonies and continue to unlock things I didn’t know existed within me.

We Have Lived Many Times

I have had many past life regressions of late, some during psychedelic experiences and some through regressions with a therapist. Some have contained people I know in this life and I have been many people, with different personalities, and in one a woman. The running theme in all is at there essence they felt the same. The overriding feeling that my purpose is to help humanity.

1 of my experiences have been shared with a friend in which we both saw the same thing. A few of my lives, I have seen and then read about them in books at a later date. My understanding is that we are here for a reason and we keep coming back in different forms to realise that reason and do the work we are supposed to do. Then eventually if we manage to do this we ascend to a higher level of being.

Telepathy Is Very Real

One of the things that I had started to feel a few years back is that of a high sensitivity to energies, this has intensified after the use of psychedelics. My understanding is there is a different language which we can interpret energetically, or what some may call telepathy.

This has manifested in the ability to read what people are thinking without them having to say anything. It is not the stereotypical idea of what someone might think telepathy is e.g. seeing into the future. It is more an understanding of what is going to happen as it is unfolding or prior, predictive dreams and a deeper knowing of people around you. Sometimes less words are needed to communicate and sometimes a sentence does not need to be finished for the person to understand. Also communicating the same idea simultaneously to many people at once without talking about it or having an idea and many people have the same idea at the same time.

To me it feels as if telepathy is tuning into a frequency that always exists and being able to share that frequency with others. Some of the things I have noticed is- it can be exhausting to do this sometimes and also it is not always possible, especially when you try, as if you have to be telepathic, not try to be telepathic- owning the position without thought, instead of trying to force it.

Psychedelics Can Mess You Up

Finally I would like to add this word of warning, psychedelics can rock your world and turn your perception of reality upside down. Not everyone accesses certain realms, but I think ultimately people get things relating to their own personal journey. Sometimes this information can come premature, so take extreme caution when using these substances and other mind altering practice such as certain types of yoga and meditation. When I first started using them, I became a advocate of their use, however, I have lately had some experiences that are in no way pleasurable. I still feel these experiences were important for my advancement, however, had this happened a few years back I think I would more than likely of never regained my sanity. Some of us have a burning desire to know and if that is you I know my words will never stop you, however, I offer a big word of warning that many people I have come into contact with who have delved into these worlds have come out in a worse position than when they started. Many claim expertise in this area, however, it is an ever changing and evolving area and a substance which changes every time you use it is hard to master. Take extreme caution when using psychedelics.

For me, I am now excited about an indefinite break and will continue to keep you updated about my findings. Please share this article!

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