Woman Notices Recently Deceased Father In Unborn Baby’s Ultrasound

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

The last thing any of us wants to think is that we are alone in the universe – that beyond death, there is only darkness. Likely for this reason, news of a woman noticing her recently-deceased father in her unborn child’s ultrasound photograph has gone viral.

As Unilad reports, Shantel was stunned to peer at the ultrasound photo and see the outline of what appeared to be her dad. Immediately after, she posted about the “coincidence” on Reddit.

Shantel is pregnant with her second child after giving birth to her first in 2009. Though her dad was able to spend years with her first child, he unfortunately passed away before he had the opportunity to meet his soon-to-be-born grandchild.

Late 2019, Shantel received an ultrasound at a checkup. Imagine her surprise when she spotted her father’s face in the image! The side profile in the ultrasound resembles the face he made when holding his granddaughter in 2009.

Whether a trick of the light or a real-life miracle, Shantel was struck by the similarity. She posted on Reddit that she believed his likeness is a sign her father is still present in their lives. The figure shown in the scan appears to be kissing the newborn baby, which seems to be looking back to the human-like formation.

 Though some have speculated that the ultrasound is photoshopped, the overall response has been one of amazement. One Reddit user said the apparent appearance brought them to tears. Another wrote, “That’s so beautiful. She literally is being kissed by her guardian angel.”Shantel has responded that the image was “100% not photoshopped.”

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