Woman Acts Like Zombie After Bar Refused To Let Her In For Not Wearing A Facemask (Video)

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

All over the world, people have been wearing masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, but in the United States, masks have become an extremely controversial topic. Large numbers of people are refusing to wear masks for a variety of different reasons. Some people think that masks are dangerous, while others think that they are not effective, and there is a general mistrust of media and politicians, which makes people even more defiant about the orders.

In some parts of the country, residents are not allowed to enter local businesses without wearing masks, and many of them end up having loud outbursts when they are confronted by store employees about the policy. These outbursts have resulted in numerous viral videos, most of which feature angry middle-aged white women who won’t take no for an answer.

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The most recent viral video of this nature was recorded in Houma, Louisiana, where a woman began acting like a zombie after she was locked out of a local bar and told that she could not enter without wearing a mask. Instead of accepting the policy and walking further down the street, the woman’s behavior became extremely erratic. She began slamming herself up against the door, and then later got a running start and rushed towards the door at full force. She did not have any luck at breaking the glass door, and at one point, began licking the glass as she was being taunted and recorded by the patrons inside.

The woman was relentless, and continued to smash herself against the door until she collapsed in front of the business with blood all over her head, making it impossible for any patrons or employees to leave. Eventually, paramedics were called, and they arrived with police who arrested the woman, who appeared to be on drugs or under the influence of some type of mental disorder.

Image Credit: Makesha Williamson

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