Wikileaks Provides Evidence That Hillary Clinton Is Coached On When To Smile In Speeches


By Alternative World News Network via Minds

Recently, when Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta’s, emails were released to the public via Wikileaks, a large amount of unsavory information came with it.

One such piece of information was that her campaign staff began writing in moments when they thought she should smile.  As she was noticeably uncomfortable talking about (and to) normal people, they thought this would make her seem more normal.

Podesta understood that Hillary has begun to “hate everyday Americans” and devised the plan.





What in the hell has this system come to?   Weird, old woman with botox gets the nod.  The youth are chomping at the bit to take control.

In a speech to Goldman Sachs, Clinton acknolweged she is “far removed” from the middle class and is using whatever kind of media manipulation her team can muster.  These emails are damning.

Another one shows one of Clinton’s top advisers, Bill Ivey, guiding the way to “conspire to produce and unaware and compliant citizenry.”  This could lead to death by hanging in some countries, and justly so.


More emails keep coming.  This is just the tip.

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