Why You CAN’T Fail — How To Use Your “Mistakes” For Growth

by Vicki Howie Chakra Boosters

There’s no such thing as failure. You are developing as a human being every day. Your life is an unending developmental journey – that’s what makes it fun and exciting. So, try this this: see every “mistake” as feedback you can use on your journey to becoming more fully you.

Next time you think you’ve failed at something, stop, shift your perception, and focus on the feedback.

Ask These 3 Essential Questions To Turn Any Problem into a Powerful Form of Feedback:

1) What have you discovered and learned from this?

2) What will you do differently next time?

3) What practices or exercises can you put into place to “train” your body to do it differently next time?

Answering these questions will allow you to turn any “mistake” or anything you may be tempted to call “failure” into powerful feedback and shift old, repetitive patterns into new, more aware actions.

You have visions and ideas inside of you that only you can bring into this world, and the rest of us on this beautiful planet need you to bring it in.

Keep going, keep dreaming, keep being U-niquely YOU.

Love and blessings,


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Vicki Howie is a certified hypnotherapist and innovative chakra healer who can show you how to tap into your infinite potential via your body’s energy centers. Discover the power of her Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™  here, get a free copy of her critically-acclaimed heart chakra healing song here and join her for her free, life-changing speaker series here. Blessings.



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