What Happens To Our Bodies When We Return To Nature

5238546952_38a507f453_bby Jwaydan

If you want to experience the greatest vitality within body, mind and spirit, grow your own food.

We are all meant to be in harmony with mother earth by being in tune with the seasons and flowing with the energy source the earth provides in abundance. And what we need more than we ever have , is to reconnect to the wilderness of the earth and rebuild a bond that civilisation has eradicated from most of our lives.

The standard western living creates such dense and low energy that it has resulted in the majority of us entirely disassociated from a way of living that is vital for our wellbeing. And because I have reconnected with this way of living in the last two years, I can tell you how greatly it revolutionised my entire way of thinking, feeling and overall well being.

When we put wild food into our bodies, when we walk barefoot and receive the energy of the electrons running through the earth and when we participate in activities designed to create a bridge between our body and mind such as yoga and meditation ,we cleanse away energy that is stale and dense, and restore the energy that raises the vibration in our body, helping us heal from trauma and unblocking our channels so that we become fully aware of the life force that is running through us and abundant in nature.

When we are cut off from that energy source, we feel disempowered, hopeless, exhausted, depressed, anxious, pessimistic, neglecting and disregarding ourselves. The significant difference I have noticed between those that eat a diet that is rich in high vibration foods, and those that do not, is that those that do, truly recognise how valuable and precious their life is.

They become more conscientious towards the needs of their bodies and the feeling they hold, they have a heightened sense of awareness and an eagerness to purify their environment so that it supports them in a way in which they can perform to the best of their ability. Eating raw food heightens our vibrations and increases our awareness towards our own body, but it does much more than that. It also makes us incredibly connected with our higher intelligence, and encourages us to become more conscious.

I truly believe more than ever now that if we want to become entirely aware of our own truth and fulfil and follow our calling, that eating wild food is the very best place to begin. Before we can embark on this venture, we must have the energy, our senses must be stimulated, we must feel energised, vibrant, active, enthusiastic and in touch with the energy force we are surrounded by. Without that, our ability to become aware of all these things will be greatly stifled. And that is why food to me, is one of the best places to begin when it comes to building this connection between you, yourself and mother earth.

When everything is growing live in nature, it contains all of the energy source from the earth. Once that food is taken, and stored, that energy and potency is lost. This is why I always refer to food as high vibration and low vibration food. If we want to experience the greatest vitality and health benefits when it comes to eating, we need to return to eating the way our bodies were designed to consume food.

It is not just the vibrance in the food that we lack in our own bodies causing such havoc on our emotional well being, but it is also the innate damage that is being caused to our bodies organs by eating in such a manner. Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut and digestive tract. Which means whatever we eat has the potential to either balance our hormones or throw them drastically out of balance, causing anxiety, depression and other emotional imbalances.

Food has such a huge impact on our emotions which is why plant based foods high in nutrients, or probiotic and prebiotic food is so essential for enhancing gut 1 health. As soon as we cut out unnatural sugars, gluten, most dairy, and anything else that commonly creates in balance hormonally we greatly help to support our gut and encourage the growth of healthy bacteria. Eating high vibrations foods changes everything!

High vibration foods : almonds, asparagus, broccoli , blueberries, beans, bananas, kimchee, sauerkraut, tempeh, cereal grains such as millet (whole wheat, barley, rye), kiwi, leeks, red cabbage, legumes, miso, mushrooms, oats, onions, sweet potato, squash, yams, celery, cucumber, lemons,melon, oranges, papaya, passionfruit, pomegranate, pears, tangerines, apples, beetroot, berries, avocado, radishes, spinach, kale, carrots lettuce, chard, watercress, chard, rocket, spring onions, parsley, coriander, oats, nuts, seeds such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, peppers, mushrooms, ginger root, turmeric, coconut oil.

Low vibration foods : sugary cereals, fruit juice, sodas, frozen food, processed meat, artificial sweeteners, bottled smoothies, energy bars, refined foods, white bread, white rice, baked beans, rice crackers, fried food, cheese, salad dressing, pasta sauces, eggs, whole milk yoghurt, industrial vegetable oils, margarine, high calorie coffee drinks, alcohol, canned foods, gluten-free pasta, reduced-fat peanut butter.


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13101360_10153781785744086_526452007_nJwaydan is a classically trained composer, pianist, cellist, singer, songwriter and recording artist, who writes in her free time about matters regarding wellness, creativity and sustainable living. Away from artistic activities, she is involved with activism for animal welfare in the Uk and Egypt and child welfare in Syria, Thailand and Romania. At all other times, found in her garden with her horses and dogs planting vegetables, cooking vegan desserts, and running a small organic skincare business. You can find more info on what she is doing over at Earth Child Facebook Page here!

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