Utah Man Converts Discarded Coolers Into Shelters To Keep Stray Cats Warm

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Philip Rogich from Ogden, Utah is known as the Batman of Ogden and for a good reason. He is using old and discarded cooler shelters to keep stray cats warm.

Winter is a harsh season and the unsheltered stray animals become a victim of it. Stray animals mostly die due to freezing temperatures. Philip does charity work with children but he and his wife are big animal lovers too. He got inspired by someone making cooler shelters and wanted to try it out for himself.

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He asked people to send their old coolers so that he can make shelters out of them. Seventy-seven cooler shelters have already been made by him. He has enough material to make fifteen more. This animal lover is doing his bit by making cooler shelters to keep stray cats warm.

He also filmed a video on how these cooler shelters are made. Everyone has at least 1 dysfunctional cooler that they don’t use anymore. If everyone contributes, a lot of cooler shelters can be made. And he is hopeful that people throughout the world will make them.

cat shelter

Although these are ‘coolers’, they can keep stuff warm too. For turning a cooler into a cooler shelter you need only a few things. Some straw for making the bed, a drill to make an entrance in the cooler, a six-inch bit and pipe insulation.

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You have to drill a hole in the cooler that will act as the entrance. Then, put a few ¾ inch pipe insulation in the circumference of the drilled hole. At last, you have to fill the space inside with straw.

cooler shelters to keep stray cats warm
There you have the cooler shelters to keep stray cats warm. Around two to three cats can easily be homed in one such shelter. The straw will keep the inside dry and warm.

Many people are now donating coolers, straw, and other materials. Also, some are donating money. All this help is sure to bring comfort to our homeless friend animals. Making cooler shelters to keep stray cats warm by one person will encourage others to do the same.

Images and Video: BatmanOfOgden

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