The True Meaning Of Isis Is Not What You Think


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Isis is a goddess of love not a terror group, find out the damage this misinterpretation is causing our collective consciousness  

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of love, she was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. Isis was wife to Osiris the god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration. Mother to Horus god of the sky, war and hunting. The eye of horus, also known as the all seeing eye has become symbolic with intuition and the ability to envision the unfolding of your world. It is linked to the 6th chakra also known as the third eye, which is linked to the pineal gland which is thought to be the seat of the soul.

In recent times the name Isis has been given (by western government) to Daish the Islamic extremist group. Ancient Egyptians had a good understanding of tonality, and the pronunciation given to the names of their gods hold symbolic meaning. Isis means throne and she would often be the physical throne to her son Horus the future king of Egypt. Many statues of Isis show her with Horus in her lap being that throne for her pharaoh. Not only that but Isis also represented a metaphorical throne being friends to the slaves,sinners and the oppressed. But also to the wealthy,the rulers and those doing the oppressing.

What we see in Isis is the exact quality that this world is lacking currently. She represents the divine femininity and all of it’s qualities. The world is currently in total lack of femininity, the US and the UK arguably the 2 most powerful countries on earth have Hillary Clinton as the front runner for US candidacy and Theresa May as the (unelected) prime minister in the UK.

Although most people probably do not worship these two as people they aspire to be like, in the collective unconscious there is something symbolic about these in the public eye as the leaders of the world, giving women the wrong impression of what femininity actually represents. Both May and Clinton represent imbalanced masculine traits, being that of power, dominance and oppression.

To declare war on Isis is to declare a verbal war on all that the goddess Isis stands for and whether it be coincidental of malicious, I think it is important that people understand the true meaning behind the language they are using to represent something that stands for the total opposite of its true meaning.

I think it is about time that we return the true meaning of the word Isis and all that it represents as right now what we need more than anything is her divine feminine qualities on this planet! Please help to inform by sharing this article!

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