Train Announcement Discouraging People To Feed The Homeless Shows How Low Society Has Sunk

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Yesterday I jumped on a train going in the wrong direction, it was a little annoying as I was in a rush, but ended up revealing something to me I would not have otherwise seen. As I jumped off the train at Aldergate East station which is based in London, an eerie female voice announced “Begging in this station is illegal, customers are reminded not to encourage this behaviour”

This is an actual announcement made in a train station in what is supposed to be a democratic society. What has this place become, when vulnerable people are looked at as less than human. It’s has become big brother, with this loud voice reminding us not to do the right thing.

What ever happened to compassion and loving. Some people mess up in life or get abused or get lost on the road or get abandoned at a young age. Some people have everything and fall victim to a scam which puts them out on the street. Some people become sick, which stops them from being able to work or even worse in the states it’s the health care costs that put the people out on the streets.

The only difference between any of us is our circumstances, which have lead us to where we are now.

How about you just give the poor person some change or food and go on with your day, or even better talk to them and realise they are human. At the very least should we not have the right to decide if we want to give a person change, food or a hug!

Yes they could be a drug addict and anything you give them could go towards this and of course “some” people in this position could do better. But would you switch with them? The justification I hear from some people to avoid doing the right thing is laughable. Like the people begging are privileged.

This lead to the point- why does this situation exists in the first place? Property is inherited and hoarded by a very small group of extremely wealthy individuals who create the artificial construct that is rich and poor. Maybe we could do one better than giving a person change, maybe we could stop the monarchy and other wealthy parasitic beings hoarding all the assets and resources. Maybe we could create a fair society? Has any political leader in the UK or US even tried?

This is not meant to be a guilt trip, but maybe some of us can look at our situation and realise how privileged we are to have a choice to gift something should we feel too. Maybe next time we see someone, we could ask them their name and see that behind their flaws they are actually a human being.

Don’t be brainwashed by announcements like this! We should never tolerate this if we want equality. If you see someone in need do the right thing!

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