Tomorrow Is 9/9/19 (Expect Magic!)


By Luke Miller / Truth Theory
The energy this month has been intense, but intense in the most beautiful of ways. It may seem like a contradiction, but if I had to sum it up simply, I would say it has been a high powered gentle intensity.

2018 was a year of pushy and powerful intensity knocking those who were ready out of alignment and into the dark night of the soul to face the deep wounds. Now it is time to remove the stitches from the healed wounds and realize we are stronger than even in our current state.

As we are leveling up and our bodies are becoming used to the higher frequencies of mother Gaia the intensity can be channeled into a creative force.

All things that are out of alignment are currently being pushed to the surface and it is of the utmost importance that we face these challenges head on. Gone are the days of running from the traumas, and this is not something that we need to fear. There is a network of support waiting for you the moment you are ready to step into your divinity and you become a magnet to this support the moment you are in alignment. It can be scary to take the leap of faith, but as you do you realize you can fly and everything works out as it is supposed to.

Your life is unfolding like the perfect story, with you as the main character and all the clues for you to step into the highest are there. If a certain part of your body aches, there is a clue in this, if you have repetitive thought patterns, this is also telling you something that needs addressing. If you keep triggering the same trauma through different relationships and situations, this is telling you its time to break this cycle.

We are now stepping into the 9/9/19 portal, which has the energy of a trinity of 9s. 9 is symbolic of endings and the shedding that needs to take place for you to step into your full power. 9 is also the number of service without conditions, so take any moment you can to care for others, even those you are yet to meet in this incarnation. The Earth is like a body part, and our solar system a body. Within this body part we have singular cells and when viewed from a specific angle it can look separate, but the reality is- there is no separation at all. Just different parts of the larger organism. Meaning when someone else heals, a part of you heals, and when you heal a part of the “other” heals. It is a symbiosis that works on one accord and when we reach a critical mass the healing accelerates. The good news is, we have reached that critical mass (144,000) and more and more are starting to see this union.

9/9/19 is a great day for ceremony. Write some positive intentions and release them to the world. Send out prayers of love to those who need them. Burn incense, sit for meditation, sing or dance. Whatever it is that makes you feel fully alive, do it and fully embrace it.

We are truly blessed to be alive in such divine times and when you realize you are a walking miracle guided by a divine force to align you to your higher self, you can start to see the sense of humor in all the lessons. This life can be very tough at times, but it is these tough times that allow us to feel the polarities. The deeper into the darkness you have entered, the more you can open up to the light. Never underestimate the power of using your life story to be in devoted service of others.

Have a blessed 9/9/19. Please share this article!

You are amazing, Luke!

I am Luke Miller author of this article, Egyptian Yogi and lifelong student of the mystical teachings of life. You can download my FREE eBook “Letting Go: The Practical and Philosophical Guide To Freedom” HERE.
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