To Grow Old Together These Best Friends Built Their Own Mini Town

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Sometimes, friendships can grow so deep that you want to keep a special memento of it. That’s what these best friends did for each other.

Change is a part of life – and it comes with terrible consequences too. The change we are referring here is not the same as altering your furniture. It is about the people we leave behind and the people we come across in our journey forward. We all must have had a lot of ‘best’ friends when we grew up, whom we thought would never leave us. But they did. Or maybe, we did. And well, that might be a part of life. 

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However, you would be surprised to know that there exists a bunch of friends who are so close to each other that they built an entire town for them. A future plan so that they live together when they are old and grey.

The four couples had been friends for decades and where struggling to keep themselves in the same city. And, so, they decided to look for other solutions. But considering the state our world is in currently, they were trying to look for sustainable living spaces which do not harm the environment. Needless to say, the options were expensive. 

Yet, the bonds of friendship were such that the couples decided to use all their money to build a small town outside Austin, Texas near the Llano River. The cabins that they selected costed around $40000 each Matt Garcia designed them and ensured that it stood the test of time. 

The cabins have roofs that are slanted, reflective walls, water barrels (about 5000 gallons), and insulated windows. And the best part is, it is both cost-effective and efficient. Now the group is just waiting to retire here and live a buddy life.

Let’s come to the main point now. How to keep such friends in life?


Don’t lie about things that can have possible repercussions. Speak the truth. If it hurts someone, explain your reason. By lying, you are only setting yourself for possible embarrassments. Your friends don’t deserve that.


Arguments are common between friends. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop being their friend. Every argument can be resolved one way or the other. Try to not take things to heart and resolve your issues. Forgive yourself and others too.


Don’t put so much pressure on your friends that they feel compelled to behave in a specific way before you.  You are their friend and they don’t have to put up a facade for you. If they are trying hard to make something out of their life and you should never belittle them. Forgive them before apologies – be compassionate to them. That’s the way your friendship could grow.

Friendship is golden. Don’t let go of it.

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