This Prefab Home On Stilts Concept Includes Organic Gardens, Water Collection And Solar Panels

Stilt Studios

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Alexis Dornier is an architect based in Bali and he has come up with prefab homes on stilts. The concept of the prefabricated homes is extremely eco-friendly as they even have sustainable features like integrated rainwater collection systems, organic gardens, and also solar power.

Stilt Studios is a series of homes that can be elevated from the ground. The homes stand on stilts and can be of varying sizes. There are one storey as well as multi-storey homes which help to reduce the impact of the structure.

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The Stilt Studios are easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can move them to any location you want. The reason behind making these prefab homes mobile is the land leasing system in Bali. Dornier is a German who has settled in Bali. He explains how Bali’s housing issues plague many. Plots are leased for a few years and then the person has to move. So the best way out was this concept.

Stilt Studios

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Stilt Studios

These Stilt Studios are not only a great way to add some extra space for large families but they can also be used as an extra source of income. They can rent these homes and support their families better. Since the structures come in various sizes, owners get to choose how big a space they require and pay accordingly.

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Dornier plans to make the Stilt Studios based on steel frameworks initially but later use CLT paneling. Some of the captivating and eco-friendly features Dornier has included are the solar arrays to generate energy on the roofs and built-in rainwater collecting system. The large roofs are overhanging which helps to reduce the heat absorbed by the walls. Large windows and wide doorways are present for improved ventilation.

Images: Alexis Dornier

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