This 80-Year-Old Army Vet Has Been Making Christmas Toys For Kids In Need For Decades

wooden toys for Christmas

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Kids wait all year round for Christmas morning and those loads of gifts. But not all are so fortunate. There are many needy kids from poor families who don’t get any gifts. They just can’t afford it. But there is a real-life Santa, an army vet who has been making wooden toys for Christmas for such needy kids. And he has been doing it for the last 50 years!

There are many kind souls who carry forward the true spirit of Christmas. And 80 years old Jim Annis is just one of them. He makes these wooden toys with his own hands and works all year just to make enough toys for hundreds of kids during Christmas.

Christmas spirit

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The Salvation Army works hard to provide clothes and food to the poor people in his area and Jim chips in with his toys. This arm veteran donates over 300 wooden toys to the Salvation Army of Sanford. Jim receives some help from his neighbors in the form of wooden scraps, but he pays for everything else himself.

wooden toys for Christmas

Although it costs the man nearly $1000, he mentions how for him the money doesn’t matter in this cause. He only cares about the smiles his wooden toys for Christmas bring to the faces of needy kids.

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What led this man to put in so much effort for nearly 50 years? Growing up in a poor family, his own father could not afford many gifts for him or his 4 siblings. So Jim wants that no kid should feel how he had felt growing up. He is just doing his part for this cause.

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Among his many wooden toys for Christmas, there are dolls, fire trucks, and piggy banks. Jim hopes to continue this work as long as he is alive.

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