These 2 Sea Lions Are Just Chilling On A Boat Near Olympia, Washington

2 sea lions

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A few days back, 2 sea lions were spotted in Eld Inlet near Olympia. What’s so unique about sea lions? They can be spotted in many places right?

Well, these 2 sea lions were chilling on a sailboat!


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Josh Phillips was one of the eyewitnesses who caught a glimpse of this scene. He was in a boat with his friend on Tuesday late afternoon. These two men were near The Evergreen State College and they saw another boat nearby. This anchored boat seemed a bit weird to this duo so they moved closer to find out what was seemed off. As quickly Phillips and his friend realized what they were seeing: 2 sea lions lounging on the boat!

These two did not want to scare away these animals so they quietly got closer. This video even shows how the sea lions did notice the approaching men. But who cares! They are busy enjoying their time!

Credit: Sam L

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And they were quite territorial too! A different video caught a third sea lion trying to climb aboard but these two would not have any of that! This video was caught from the shore and hence they got a wider angle and captured the whole drama.

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Phillips was recorded saying how he had never witnessed such a sight. John Phillips is the owner of a fly-fishing equipment online store, Spawn Fly Fish which is based in Olympia. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the local waters and even seen whales and orcas. But never has he withheld the unique scene of 2 sea lions lounging on a sailboat!


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