These 10+ Photos Reveal the Truth of Motherhood in a Brutal Yet Beautiful Way


By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When contemplating the decision to become a parent, many people fantasize about glowing maternity photos, bonding with their infant, and teaching them valuable life lessons so they will thrive. While these moments do occur, much of parenthood is comprised of screaming fits, routinely cleaning up messes and a complete lack of personal space.

Don’t get the wrong impression — parenthood is beautiful. But, the reality of it is far different than what most people promote on social media. Motherhood, specifically, can be grueling. It is for this reason that mother and photographer Giedre Gomes captured a series of photos that illustrate what being a mom really looks like.

Gomes, a 35-year-old mother of two sons, Mario and Rocco,

The project was inspired by the annual tradition “Mother’s Day.” Gomes, a 35-year-old mother of two sons, considered the product to be a “crazy idea.” However, she couldn’t get it out of her head.

As The Huffington Post reports, most of the photographs Gomes takes are of clients and their children looking pristine.

“They’re pretty, dreamy moms in a flower fields kissing babies,” she said. “And that’s beautiful, but after the photo shoots I come home to reality — to my own family and two boys — and there’s no rainbows, unicorns or butterflies.”

The idea to reveal the “reality and routine” part of motherhood was so strong, she called a group of mom friends — and their kids — together and snapped photos of their everyday lives. Gomes said all the photos reflect “everything I went through or [am] still going through.”

At least now she has more privacy than she did in the past.

“I can finally take a shower alone,” Gomes admitted. “But most of the time my 3-year-old still sits on the toilet and waits for me to be done.”

Scroll through the 10+ photos below:

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