The Austrian Startup Fontus Has Developed A Water Bottle That Pulls Vapor From The Air To Fill Itself

by Amanda Froelich via True Activist

Sports enthusiasts, green tech entrepreneurs, and the general public will all be impressed by a novel water bottle that literally pulls water vapor out of the air to fill itself. According to GizMag, the Austrian startup Fontus is responsible for developing the innovative bottle which was a finalist for the Dyson award in 2014.

The design uses solar energy to create a condensation chamber that converts humidity extracted from the air into drinking water. When human air flows into the device, a series of hydrophobic surfaces keep dust, bugs, and debris out while causing water droplets to form.

The user is left with pure water which can be drunk on the go, during endurance sporting, or while out in the wilderness camping.

ecobaba1_1460192736_725x725Credit: Fontus

Fontus claims that the bottle, which it plans to release in two models – the Airo and the cycling-specific Ryde – can produce 0.5 quarters (0.5 liters) in a single hour.

Thanks to the Australian government, funding was procured to continue the bottle’s development. In March, the company also launched a crowdfunding project to mass produce its invention. It may not yet be on the market, but Fontus has big plans for its innovation. The company says that soon, it will release third-party white papa data that includes “reference temperature, humidity settings, duration, and resultant volume of water created.”

You can watch the video above for more information.

fontus-3Credit: Fontus
Credit: Fontus
fontus-4-768x512Credit: Fontus
fontus-7-768x633Credit: Fontus
fontus-2-768x369Credit: Fontus
fontus-8-768x432Credit: Fontus
fontus-9-768x633Credit: Fontus

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