Sick And Tired Of All The Bad News Of 2019 Here Is 20 Of The Most Inspiring News Stories Of 2019

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The newspaper is always filled with news of death and destruction which makes it difficult to spend the day without any encroaching fear. This is where “The Happy Broadcast” comes in- they published the best news of the year which will readily dispel the darkness caused by news of death and evil.

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Here are some of the best news of 2019, as the year draws to a close.


The arrival of the Malawi female chief to power has led to the annulment of around 1500 child marriages. It has also led to a positive influx into schools, as the girl children are sent back to school.


7 fertilized eggs of the endangered Northern White Rhino might be the saviors the species needs! Yaay!

3.Amazon best news

Amazon tribe’s great victory over oil companies will prevent offshore and onsite drilling in the Amazon rainforest.


If you know that your actions are actually leading to some good, wouldn’t you go ahead and do the deed even more? Sweden has brought in a procedure where every time someone’s blood saves a life, they get a text message.


An Indian man’s zeal to plant trees for around 35 years has led to a park bigger than Central Park.


Norway decided to go to the humanitarian side and not drill oil in the Lofoten islands worth $35 billion in order to protect the ecosystem.


The Endangered Species Act has led to a massive comeback of sea turtles- seeing an increase of 980%


Thailand markets have decided to wrap their produce in banana leaves instead of packaging material.


Stem cell transplant helped an HIV infected person in London get cleared of the virus. He becomes just the second person to be cleared of that virus.


Norway becomes just the first country to not have any stray dogs- they simply adopted them!


Canada imposes a bill that makes it a legal offense to keep dolphins and whales under captivity for circuses and aquariums.


Rice farmers have started ‘employing’ ducks that will eat the weeds and insects. Now they don’t use fertilizers anymore.


When in Rome, pay your metro tickets by simply donating plastic bottles. Around 350,000 bottles have already been recycled.

14. 20 best news

South Korea has left no stones unturned in making the old feel welcome- daytime discos for people above the age of 60. They won’t feel lonely anymore.


California brings outlaws that limit the sales of pets to rescue or shelter animals only. This surely deserves a spot in the top 20 best news of the year!


The Netherlands brings out green bus stop roofs that will help bees from taking refuge and pollinating the shrubs.


Iceland becomes just the first country to make it legal to pay both men and women equally. Equal pay for equal work.


German circus has started using holograms of animals instead of real animals. This prevents animal cruelty by a huge margin.

19.20 best news

Sweden brings out the first ambulance for mental health after 1500 humans die from suicide every single year.


Scientists have found a mushroom that can eat up plastic and stop our landfills from getting filled with plastic waste.

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So, here are the 20 best news of 2019, which one do you like the most?

Images: The Happy Broadcast

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