Why You Should Stop Negative Thinking And How To Do It

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By  Mike Sygula, Truth Theory 

We all have some form of negative thinking going on in the background. You might worry about what will happen if things go wrong; at a job interview, during an exam, or on a date. Maybe you have experienced some unpleasant situation that keeps coming back in your mind? The truth is, that there is almost no benefit in analysing negative situations that happened or might happen. Think about it, what happened is in the past and now you can’t change it, draw conclusions and move on. When analysing negative outcomes about future situations, same thing, keep in mind potential negative scenarios but try not to put much attention on what can go wrong.

It is better to naively believe in a positive outcome than to keep believing that things will go wrong. Why? Let me explain. You attract what you focus on, the more you put your focus into situations, the more of similar things you attract, this is the law of attraction. Have you noticed that people who are pessimists, often have a lot of things to complain about? They focus their attention on all things negative, and they just keep bringing more and more of it into their lives. Of course, the way how the law of attraction works is not that straight forward. It doesn’t mean that positive people will only have positive situations, sometimes we face difficult ones to help us grow, or to learn a lesson. But, this is another topic, I want to focus here on some simple steps that anyone can take to eliminate negative thinking patterns.

Here are 3 methods you can use to fix this problem;
Try each one a few times and see what works best for you:

  1. If you start having negative thoughts, quickly recognize it and try to focus your attention on something else, this can simply be to look at the wall next to you, check your Facebook, looking at some jokes on Google or anything that will take your attention away from negative thought.
  2. Try replacing your thoughts with positive ones, if you start thinking about what can go wrong, e.g. “I won’t pass this test” try thinking about the opposite e.g. “I will get great results”. Another method is to quickly focus your attention on something that happened lately or that you like to do and that makes you happy. So when negative thoughts comes, try quickly switching your attention into recent situation that was positive, like the dinner you had with a friend or a conversation you had with your partner, or any memory that was pleasant. Another option is to focus on regular stuff that makes you happy, can be anything like eating an ice-cream, for example. Just imagine situations that make you happy.
  3. Third option can be to imagine situation that requires steps to be taken. Like for example, you are in a grocery store and you start shopping – just imagine going around your local supermarket, picking up items and placing them into your basket. The idea is to think about the situation that has smaller steps and decisions involved, so your attention goes away.

Try to NOT surround yourself with people who complain or have negative thinking patterns. They will drain you and put you down.

It is very likely that once you learn to redirect your focus from negative thoughts, you will reduce them significantly.

It might take weeks or months but it is worth doing. It can be that you will learn the process so well, that you will be able to eliminate the negative thought in the moment when it is created. You can train your mind to recognize and neutralize it straight away.

I like to think about this analogy of mind, being like a pond; if the pond is full of mud and is turbulent, you can’t see much. If it is clean you see all the fish and maybe even gravel at the bottom. Your mind works in a similar way, if it is free from negative thoughts, you can think more clearly and make better decisions, it doesn’t drain you and add to your stress levels.

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