The Start Of A New Age The Real Meaning Behind 11:11


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Something magical has happened to me over the last few days that will be hard for anyone at the conditioned level of consciousness to comprehend. I am in 2 minds as to whether this is a good idea to publish this post or not, but all signs are pointing to yes, so here goes.

I am currently sitting in the airport on my way back from a trip from the Amazon rainforest and I think I just decoded an ancient prophecy that has predicted a step into a new age of consciousness. I know this is a profound statement to make but please drop all prior judgements and look at this with an  unconditioned mind and you may possibly see it as the same.

Before I go into this, I just want to say I am not the message, but the messenger. Don’t believe me just because I said it, but believe it if it makes sense. Because this is the only way to move forward, if we think for ourselves.

As I said I just returned from the Amazon rainforest and one of the things I done was to drink ayahuasca. I thought that drinking this medicine would give me some breakthroughs, however I did not bank on it changing my genetic structure, allowing me to move in ways I have never moved and giving me the gift of being able to decode mysteries among other things (no joke).

One of the things I worked out is the meaning of 11:11. So many people see it and my most popular article is based around this concept (with around 500,000 views) although I did not understand what it meant when I wrote that article. It was more of an acknowledgement of the fact that I see it so much and so many feel the same.

11:11 is 1 to the power of 4 meaning 1 and 4. I will write an article explaining the number code, which again came to me while drinking ayahuasca. Most numbers have multiple meanings but in brief here are the first 4.

1 is self and/or all that self could represent.

2 is dual and/or all that duel could represent eg man and woman, light and dark or both sides of the same thing or polarity.

3 is trinity and/or all that a trinity could represent eg family

I knew all this be it in less detail, but I now know 4 represents everything else on the physical plain eg nature. It has other meanings, but in the case of 11:11 this is the meaning. 1 meaning ourselves unifying with our world. This is all I am going to write for this article, however it is a lot more significant and has a date which I decoded  from a very powerful source. Stay tuned for this next article as I will be releasing it soon, when I have more clarity on what I have seen.  

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