Spoken Word Poetry Written In Reaction To The Recent Terrorist Attacks In Paris- We Will Take Action

Paris Terror Attacks Spoken Word Poetry#Paris Terror Attacks Spoken Word Poetry#parisattacks

Posted by Truth Theory on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I am trying to think of a way to address the Paris massacre without playing down it’s severity,

but I think that context is important if we going to gain any real clarity

What they done was a shadow of the western world’s violence in action.
Not mindless terror without motive, no this was a reaction.

Rest in peace to the hundred plus French people who all lost their lives.
And the hundred thousand Syrian civilians who also recently died.

And the hundreds of thousands more who will die because the west will take action.
Because they don’t want peace, they want justice and revenge and a strong cold hearted reaction.

There was a terrorist attack in Lebanon, the day before the Paris attacks
A Muslim man named Adel Termos tackled a bomber and took the impact
He died as a result and he saved the lives, the lives of hundreds of families.
The fact that this got no attention fuels the fire of this tragedy.

Rest in peace to him and the 43 other people who died
or the 147 Kenyans who were murdered recently in July.

The hundred plus Muslim Egyptians who were killed by the extremist Islamic nation
or the Turkish families who were slaughtered in a peace rally outside Ankara train station

All terror is tragic, please remember it’s not about geographical location.
The fact is the western government kills more civilians than any other nation.
We worship our troops and show them love and say they have given us our freedom.
Stop take a look at this does this look to you like freedom.

In Iraq 100,000 plus children were murdered by our troops without hesitation.
But those 100,000 children lives are worth less than 1 western Caucasian.
While the masses and politicians are seeking revenge and retribution.
It seems to me there not one person looking for a realistic solution.

Because if you continue to kill it’s like cutting the head of goddess Hydra.
You cut 1 off and 2 grow back with 10 times hate and fire.
So the elephant in the room, the big question- what is the solution
I don’t know, but war breeds hate and killing for peace is just a big illusion.


While people in the west look at Saddam, Gaddafi and the Bin Laden as terrorists. The rest of the world are looking at Blair, Bush and Obama also.

Take a look at how many people have died in our countries at the hands of terrorists, then take a look at these numbers

Vietnam War- 465,000–2,500,000 civilians were killed
Gulf War- 5,500 civilians were killed
Kosovo War- 12,000 civilians were killed
Afghanistan War- 30,000 civilian were killed
Iraq War- 140,659 – 159,248 civilians were killed
War in North-West Pakistan- 20,465 civilians were killed
War in Libya- 6,000 – 15,000 Civilians were killed

And this is not taking into account the recent wars we have started, all at the hands of the west, in their war for profit. Ask yourself who makes money from these wars? Ask yourself why arms companies donate millions of dollars to political campaigns. Ask yourself why arms companies that are tied to government are arming groups like ISIS.

Martin Luther King ones said that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”


If we are every to hope for the fighting to stop, we will need to stop fighting, we may not be able to change the world outside of ourselves in an instant but we can start with ourselves.
We can stop hating on minorities that have nothing to do with the world’s problems and start holding the right people accountable!

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