Spirituactivism: The New Breed Of Peaceful Activism

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I have been toying with the idea of blending the 2 worlds of spirituality and activism for a while, but was a little worried that people would not get the concept. But my advice to someone else would be to go for it, so I need to practice what I preach.

I believe we are in a world where many are disconnected- we cut down trees for money, which is the equivalent of cutting out a piece of our lungs. We eat food that is not real, which creates a strain not only on the environment, but also on our bodies.

We allow “healthcare professionals” to give us pills to pop, which make us more sick and when they don’t work (which is most of the time) we go and ask them for more or for a different pill or a higher dosage.

We deem it acceptable and in some cases we glorify war. There has been a systematic brainwashing that tells us that it is okay for people who look like us to kill people, but people who look different are enemies and terrorists.

We allow people who do not represent us to rule us- ask yourself when was the last president or prime minister, that didn’t leave office with some shame and scandal? Has there ever been someone in charge who is not rich? Or not publicly schooled? Or not a part of a secret society?

In the UK we have an unelected monarchy, I was watching the Queen speak about equality a while back, while she sat there with a crown on her head that could feed the third world.

Why do we pay taxes, which mainly go to causes we don’t want to be a part of? Why do we accept that most of our taxes go to private corporations, who overcharge for services and are usually in some way linked to those in the government that hires them?

This is all very real stuff and I think these issues are important to be addressed, but the most  important thing I think we have to ask ourselves is why? Why do we tolerate this life? Why do we accept this artificially created society that oppresses us? The answer….. honestly I think it comes down to a deep spiritual disconnection.

Now when I say spiritual, don’t make the mistake of thinking I am talking about God or Allah or Buddha or any of the thousands of gods that are out there. Because while this may or may not signify spirituality to you, I am not talking about it in a religious sense.

On an individual level I would define spirituality as the relationship you have with yourself. So a spiritually healthy person would have love, respect and compassion for themselves, would be connected to what they eat, what they do and so on.

Whereas someone who is not healthy spiritually would self sabotage and not treat themselves with the respect they deserve.

The whole system we live within is based on spiritual disconnection, you jump on a train at 7AM and it is written on the faces of the commuters. We have a large group of people not respecting themselves and doing things they don’t want to do, in order to keep living within a system they don’t want to live in.

If we had a choice, most would probably not want to go and work in an office or a fast food restaurant. But the truth is we do have a choice and it is our individual choices that empower the system of oppression we currently live within.

It is also important how you treat the external world around you. It is no good loving yourself, while sticking your finger up to the rest of the world, the same as it is no good hating yourself while trying desperately to save the world. It is about trying to find a balance between the 2 and being respectful to others while also respecting yourself.

The last thing to take into account is the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is what I spoke about a moment ago, when saying that we tolerate a world that does not serve us. Collectively we tolerate this, you may have individuals who do or do not conform to certain things, but as a whole we are living within this system.

My view on this is that while you may not be able to change someone else’s mindset, you can play your role within the bigger system. Think of it like a box of tiny little light bulbs, most of which are switched off, but all of which have the power to shine. You may not be able to light up the whole box by shining, but you may give the light next to you permission to shine.

None of us can be perfect and it is very hard to completely escape a system that is setup to keep us contained, but if you can do more good in this world than you do bad and stand up for what is right, we can work towards a more just society.

“Be the change” is one of the most famous and powerful quotes on this matter, because while you may not be able to change the external world, you can change your internal world and when you do that you give other people who are maybe to scared or unsure to do the same thing, you never know how much your actions are affecting people so be brave and stand up for what is right.

The best way to raise your consciousness around a subject is through education and practice. Educate yourself through multiple sources on issues that are important to you and understand the process. When you enter any new subject you will usually be overwhelmed with information, but the more you learn, the more the information processes and you eventually end up coming to your own findings and conclusions.

The best way to raise your individual consciousness is through conscious effort and directing your consciousness to specific tasks and things in a singular fashion. This is a fancy way of saying- be present! Meditation is the perfect example of this, as meditation is the practice of being present. Once you become present in meditation, you become more present in life and once you do that, you become more aware.

Awareness breaks down the conditioned barriers and once that happens you are a lot less likely to tolerate a life that does not resonate with you.

Thanks for reading and I hope this concept makes sense, if we can break down the conditioned barriers and educate ourselves on things that are important, maybe we have a chance at world which serves the majority! Much love, Luke

Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change and author of this article. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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