Solar Power: Palestinian Students Use “God’s Energy” To Beat Israeli Fuel Blockade



By Anna Scanlon Truth Theory

As Israel continues to block vital resources to those in Gaza, two students from Islamic Al Azhar University have come together to surmount the Israeli-sanctioned blockage of fuel by creating their own solar-powered vehicle. They even accomplished the task on a student budget.

Khalid al-Bardawil and Jamal al-Miqaty, the students behind the ingenious contraption, say that instead of fuel, their single-seater car runs on “God’s Energy.” And while that may be true, officially it runs off of energy from a solar panel on the vehicle’s roof.

The pair worked with the mechatronics engineering department of the university to create this car, which they say is easy to make and replicate.

The car itself has three-wheels and only seats one person. It is much slower than traditional cars, only reaching speeds of 18mph. However, given the current energy crisis and inability for many people to find reliable transportation, it presents a viable solution for daily live in Palestine.

Over the next few years, they will be working with industrial engineers to give the car a better design.

The pair explains that they had to get a motor for the car, which was difficult as electric motors and electric cars are not readily available in Gaza. From there, they had to make massive changes to it, which they say weren’t easy, but worthwhile in the end.

For the past decade or, Palestine has suffered from an energy crisis, mostly due to the blockage that Israel has placed on it. In 2006, the problem was made worse when Israel sent an airstrike on the country’s sole power plant. It now operates at less than half of its capacity.

Last year, Palestine only received 45% of the electricity necessary to keep it going.

And since things like cold weather in January can halt deliveries from gas-powered cars from Israel to Palestine, this new invention could have a massive positive impact on the daily lives of those living in Gaza.

There is no word on when or if the vehicle will be available to a mass market, or at what price point it would be offered.

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