When Bitcoin came into existence after the 2008 financial crisis, it created a financial revolution. For the first time in history, people had total power over their money. Before Bitcoin we all had to rely on banks and governments - some of the most corrupt entities in the world.  They control the money supply, manipulate the interest rates and create inflation by printing more money. Banks can charge us just for accessing or sending our own money. Bitcoin showed the new way, it proved that we don’t need banks or governments to control our financial transactions. In fact we don’t need anyone, the blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based on are decentralised and do not need a central, governing authority.
But like most old technology, Bitcoin has had a few issues. Transactions times can be slow, fees can be high and privacy is also an emerging issue.

There is however a cryptocurrency that solves all the major problems that Bitcoin has-SmartCash . SmartCash is fully, community-driven, meaning that everyone who holds part of it can contribute to major decisions. This is the equivalent of regular consumers participating in making the decisions for the banks and not just the small minority at the top. SmartCash is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes privacy and fast transaction times. SmartCash also has a unique governance system that serves as both a self-funding mechanism and to support further development called the “Smart-Hive”.
Smart-Hive is a fully egalitarian governance system inspired by the ways ants and bees self-organise. Anyone who holds SmartCash coins (SMART) is allowed to vote on proposals submitted by the community or by anyone, any company or any individual. These projects boost SmartCash’s  growth and further adoption. They can help with improving technology or marketing.

How to Buy SmartCash (SMART)

SmartCash trades on CryptoBridge, CoinExchange, and HitBTC.
You’ll need to own BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum) before you can purchase SMART. To buy BTC, visit Coinbase or Gemini. For a full list of exchanges selling SmartCash CLICK HERE. You will have to register with one of these exchanges. Watch this video on how to set up your Coinbase account. 
Here at Truth Theory we strongly support cryptocurrencies and decentralised systems. We believe that banks and governments are abusing their power and cryptocurrencies are a solution to this problem. This is why we teamed up with SmartCash. SmartCash is sponsoring our team at the moment. Thanks to them we can create content, finance our writers, video production and social media team as well as our technical team. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and we hope that you too can become a part of the SmartCash community. To learn more about all their developments go to SmartCash.cc