Short Film Reveals The Sobering Reality Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis



By Luke Miller Truth Theory

You are not given many options as a syrian refugee. 4 typically-

  1. Stay and die or watch a family member die.
  2. Leave and die on the journey.
  3. Stay and live, but end up traumatised.
  4. Leave but end up stuck in a refugee camp.

The other option is of course for them to attempt to enter a country to settle as an illegal immigrant, which when compared to the other options, it is understandable why they would want to do so.

This short film is the 3 month documentation of Mohammad JD a Palestine native, who was raised in Chicago. Mohammad is a CRNA-Anesthesia student planning to start a surgical medical team out in the Greek migrant camps. This film offers a sobering reminder of the magnitude of the situation in Syria, but also humanises those who are in the camps which is something that is often neglected in mainstream reporting.

Speaking with Mohammad he said “I want to help bridge the gap between the third world and surgical coverage. I believe I can do so! I have done extensive work overseas with refugees and various other projects. Now, I look to focus on preventable blindness around the world, among other surgical procedures that many in the third will never have access to.” You can follow his progress HERE

Since the war in Syria broke out in 2011 it is estimated that 470,000 people have died with the total rising daily. A further 1.5 million have been wounded which totals 11.5% of the population of Syria being killed or injured.

Currently we have 4.7 million refugees in surrounding countries with more than 13.5 million who still need our help. What is going on in Syria is a tragedy in which the magnitude is hard to comprehend. It is important to remain compassionate and empathetic to their circumstances and give in any way you can.

If you want to get involved and raise awareness you can do so by sharing this video and story.

Talk to your head of state and/or local government wherever you are in the world and find out what they are doing about this crisis.


You can get involved by writing to your local congress if you are in the US Do So Here


Find out who your local MP is here write to them and ask what is being done in your constituency to meet the Dubs amendment of bringing thousands of unaccompanied refugee children to safety. Ask your MP how many, by when and have accommodation, education and social welfare provisions been setup.




If you are not in the UK or US a simple google search should bring up a list of organisations you can work with.

You can also turn up and offer your services, as they are in need of people to offer a pair of hands.

Lastly if you have no time to offer you can donate to one of the above charities or another charity that resonates with you or there is a list of alternative organisations you can support HERE  

Please share this message! Much love, Luke


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