Seven Ways To Supercharge Your Morning Routine

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Being successful is no accident and while many may think getting up at 4AM and ploughing through your work like a mad man is the answer, I’m here to tell you that there is a lot more prep that goes into crafting the perfect day than this gung-ho mentality.

Really there is no right or wrong way to do things, if you have found a way that yields results then good on you for making things work. But if you don’t have a productive morning routine then you are missing out on some extra mileage in your gas tank.

I personally get up at 4AM, the initial reason for this- My cat! My cat’s name is Tiddles (manly name I know) and this little nut case sometimes takes it upon himself do sprints over my head at 4AM. I probably shouldn’t have included the image if I am to expect any sympathy, anyway I am a glass half full type of guy, so when this happens, I take it as a sign I should get up!

Nowy obraz mapy bitowej

Use what you have in this world- Having distractions is not an excuse for not getting stuff done. If you cannot work around them, try to include them. This simple change in perspective can have a massive impact on your life!

Use what you have in this world- Having distractions is not an excuse for not getting stuff done. If you cannot work around them, try to include them. This simple change in perspective can have a massive impact on your life!

I have to be honest- sometimes life gets in the way! But most days I manage to do most of these things, but my routine is set up so even if I manage to just do a few it still sets me up for the day!

Water (1 Minute)

Start your day with water, around a litre is good. But if this is to bloating for you, half a litre will do. This is great because it hydrates you- not just for today, but generally you will be hydrated if you do this daily.

It will energise you; help with digestion, circulation and transportation of nutrients. It also has plenty of positive side effects like- maintaining healthy weight and clearing up your skin. Just be sure to stay near a toilet because it can make you go both ways when you drink a lot!

Also, while I would say you should drink 3 litres plus in a day this is a good start and if you miss a little during the day, at least you have had a decent drink in the morning.

 Meditation (20 Minutes)

For me this is the most important part of my routine, I vary my times and technique, but usually around 20 minutes does the trick.

No matter your view on meditation it still makes sense to do it. If you are spiritual and use it to connect to a higher power that will work. If you use it religiously to connect with your god that will also work. If you use it from a purely scientific standpoint it also makes sense to do it.

Meditation is great for connecting to what is important, helping you to focus, boosting your creativity and helping with mental clarity. But it is not just proven to help psychologically, it can also boost your immune system and in long term users it even changes the physical structure of your brain.

Here is a link to 76 scientific studies (including the ones I spoke about) if you want more of the science behind meditation.

Read (10 Minutes)

I read for at least 10 minutes in the morning, but also try to read as much as possible throughout the rest of my day.

There are many ways you can add reading to your daily routine- Reading stories just to get your juices flowing, reading information that will help you within your day, or reading motivational information to help heighten your energy.

However you choose to read I would recommend adding it into your morning hour of power. Reading can help to relax you, keep your mind sharp, even make you more empathetic and to add to that it if you are reading the right info you will also be adding to your bank of knowledge.


Exercise (6 Minutes)

This can vary in what you do each day and if you are a regular gym goer, this is not necessarily meant to replace your daily workout. But what it will do is get your blood pumping, wake you up and get you ready for the daily grind.

I like to vary my morning exercise, it can be as simple as jogging on the spot or taking a walk, but for those of you who are up for a challenge you could incorporate some high intensity interval training into your morning routine.

This is 45 seconds of pure intense exercise followed by 15 seconds rest for 6 minutes straight. It may sound easy, but if you are finding it easy it means you are not working hard enough.

You can do-


Push ups



Tuck jumps

Jumping jacks

Or anything else you can think of.

High intensity interval training is a good work out if you want to stay healthy but are low on time. It has also been proven to be more effective than lots of low intensity workouts, done for long periods of time.

But what is most important is it helps with productivity, mental health and it wakes up your body and mind, getting you in the mood to get things done.

Shower 10 Minutes-

I don’t think I need to go into the benefits of having a shower, especially after some exercise. But in a nut shell you will smell good and a shower is a pretty good time to clear your mind, focus and gain clarity.

Everything you do can become a meditation as long as you let it, so jump in the shower, stay fully in that moment and your shower can become a moment of calm!

Smoothie/Juice/Breakfast (10 Minutes)

I like a nice berry smoothie (organic when possible)







You can even fling a few nuts in if you like.

I alternate smoothies with fresh juice a nice juice recipe is-

Nowy obraz mapy bitowej (2)








I also eat some raw fruit/walnuts/salad/vegetables

Visualisation (5 Minutes)

This is the secret sauce for setting up a day packed with productivity and accomplishment. Imagine your day the way you want it to go. Will you be writing or phoning people or lifting weights or playing music?

Whatever you plan to do today, be it one thing or a sequence of events, play it out in your mind before you do it.

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