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See How Thousands In Denmark Are Making Christmas Gifts Out Of Trash

denmark-trash-gifts_MAINA pop-up shelter made of recycled wood is giving visitors an eco-conscious space to make DIY holiday presents. The ‘Remake Christmas’ house in Copenhagen’s Nikolaj Plads. (Photo: Facebook)
by Nicole Mormannn

It’s typically taboo to turn your trash into a holiday present for someone else, but one artist is making it a seasonal phenomenon for thousands of people in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thomas Dambo and his team of artists constructed a cabin-like wooden house completely out of recycled materials to give visitors an eco-friendly space to create DYI Christmas gifts from tossed materials.

The “Remake Christmas” house is made of recycled scrapwood and billboards, not to mention old election posters that double as a roof cover. Inside, workshop stations are stocked with everything from recycled vinyl records and used carpets to leftover prints and tons of extra scrapwood.

“I believe a good recycler should see possibilities where other people see trash,” Dambo toldTreehugger.

The artist collected all the materials from shops and trash containers along the capital’s central shopping street over a two-week period. The workshop stations also have materials that were already in Dambo’s studio from previous Dumpster dives.

denmark-trash-gifts_school-workshop(Photo: Facebook)

“I always loved the ‘hunt’ in the Dumpsters and still love the excitement and anticipation when I’m climbing around in other people’s trash; what will I find in the next box, what will it be, and what can I do with it?” he said.

The construction project started in mid-November and took about nine days to complete. Since its opening, more than 20,000 people have visited the workshop and made more than 1,500 Christmas gifts.

Kids and adults alike can create a variety of free recycled gifts, including birdhouses, personalized T-shirts, and colorful candle accessories. However, the clock is ticking on those trying to squeeze in time for last-minute presents—the house closes shop on Dec. 20.

denmark-trash-gifts_glue-gun(Photo: Facebook)



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