The Secret Code Hidden Within Our Number System


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Embedded within our number code there is a language which can be interpreted in many ways. It is my belief that the number system is the language of the universe and when you open your eyes to the codes you can really start to see the magic. Our planet has laws and one of the often missed ones is that everything is perfect. Paradoxically everything is chaotic, but when you break everything down it can simplified to 1.618 or the golden ratio. A simple yet extremely dominant number in our system.

I have been working on decoding our number system for a while and while I would not say I have cracked the code, I am certainly on my way to a deeper understanding than most and this is something I would like to share here, with the multifaceted nature that numbers can have. Sometimes you must use a little creativity with numbers as they can have very cryptic meanings. But I am going to do my best to lay it out here.

1 is single and could represent many things to do with 1. Oneness, man or woman, or in conjunction with other numbers the merging of more than one thing. Eg 2 and 1 could mean 2 people getting married. Also acceptance of the one path.

2 is dual and represents 2 things such as man and woman, masculine and feminine, light and dark. It could also represent the concept of polarity, which states everything has its opposite, and anything to do with a pair.

3 is a trinity which could be man, woman and child. Or mind, body and spirit. It could mean caregiver or family. It also represents the triangle and anything else related to 3.

4 gets quite interesting as I have never heard this interpretation of it, if you think of 4 dots representing humans- 1 = self 2 = couple 3 = family the fourth dot would be all outside of that, meaning all outside of that on the physical. So nature, animals and the world. It could also be double dual, like 2 couples or 3 becoming 1 which is where things get a little complicated. However it will make a lot of sense if you can intuitively read into people. It can also be a bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

5 represents all outside of the 4, so the spirit world and also what some may call God. My word and the word used in the Kybalion is the all. I think this sums it up well, basically all that is unknowable by the rational mind and/or the conditioned mind.

6 is a double trinity, which is family outside your family, what you may call soul family. 6 could be a caregiver on a bigger scale than a 3. Maybe someone who wants to care for lots of people. Also a triple dual, which could be the dual nature of mind, body and spirit. 6 is also representative of needing to rest.

7 is the cosmic joke. The thing that needs not be there, but on further inspection you realise how important it is. 7 like the golden ration governs a lot, many cycles are in 7s yet it cannot be divided by any whole number. It is the paradox, the dualistic nature of the world and can be interpreted in many ways. 7 is also used to describe creation.

8 is the merging of the physical and spiritual world. Because it is all that exist outside the trinity doubled. It is also the only number outside zero that goes on forever due to its shape, so means infinity.

9 is a triple trinity and represents the blood family, family outside family (soul family), family outside that (the family we are all a part of, the human race). Also the end of a cycle as it is the last single number. It could also be balance as the 9 times table balances very well with

2×9=18 1+8=9

3×9=27 2+7=9

4×9=36 3+6=9

One number goes up and the other down perfectly.

0 represents no thing or the still mind. Also a cycle as it keeps going around. So zero could represent repeated mistakes, lessons or a new cycle beginning. It could also mean loss or the need to lose something. It could also mean silence or peace.

We then move into double meanings, with double digit numbers. Which you can work out by merging 2 numbers. However some multi digit numbers do have a unique meaning.

This is a brief introduction into a very complex system. But once you start to wrap your head around it, it really does make sense and allows you to decode this matrix we are living in. I will share more in the future, but if you would like me to help you make sense of numbers in your world, send me an email as I offer some services and readings.

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