Replacing Smart Drugs With Safer Options

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

ADHD drugs can improve cognitive abilities of focus, concentration and memory power, in an effort to achieve better grades. While ADHD drugs can be beneficial to those who receive proper prescriptions, they can easily be abused by students who think of these “study drugs” as similar to drinking a caffeinated energy drink. Unfortunately, ADHD drugs contain amphetamine and can be habit forming; the federal government lists them as Schedule II drugs that have “the highest abuse potential and dependence profile of all drugs that have medical utility.” Abuse of ADHD drugs can cause long-term psychological and anxiety problems, disrupt sleep patterns, and can even cause psychosis and depression. Illegally possessing ADHD drugs can result in arrest, prosecution, jail time, or even court-ordered rehabilitation.

However, there are nutrition and vitamin companies that now provide legal alternatives to smart drugs supplements such as cognitive healthy nutrient supplements that will help students increase their focus and concentration, improve their memory and boost their energy, without any of the harmful side effects or abuse potential. While some students may question the strength of these supplements, these cognitive supplements are created by scientists at major private-label vitamin manufacturers, and are formulated specifically to replace amphetamine-based “smart drugs” with natural supplements that achieve similar results without the negative side effects.  


They help individuals to focus on the tasks at hand, concentrate on their studying or work, improve their memory capacity, and boost energy, without using amphetamine, caffeine, or ephedrine. What results are natural health supplements that can help individuals retain more information, achieve better grades, improve their work productivity, or have focused concentration while playing competitive sports or working out at the gym. The best cognitive supplements promote brain function in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and improve brain circulation, so the effects are powerful but without causing jitters or the dreaded caffeine crash. 

While ADHD drugs can be effective, most students and student-athletes will experience the most success with natural cognitive supplements. They have all the benefits of ADHD drugs, in that they help to maximize focus and concentration, explode energy levels, improve memory and recall and enhance mental performance, without any of the negative health (and potentially legal) ramifications. Plus, they’re often less expensive than buying ADHD drugs, making them perfect for students on a tight budget. Put down the sugary energy drinks and coffee and try a natural cognitive supplement today.


 Side effects are minimal to virtually non-existent. No major side-effects have been observed, but there are some reports of headache upon withdrawal from the drug.

Typical doses go from 400mg to 4800mg, 800mg is considered a safe starting dose for a daily regiment. Individuals may report feeling strong mental effects such as improved vocabulary, and improved thought-process and problem solving skills within the first few days of use. One may begin safely with an “attack dose” ranging anywhere from 1600mg to 2400mg for the first couple of days of dosage to illicit a quicker response from the body. This feeling of inner stimulation will likely fade after continued use, yet the effects of the mental improvement will remain. Currently it is unclear whether continued use or occasional use is more beneficial, talk to your doctor if you have specific questions. 

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